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Give remote teams what they need to succeed, wherever they work!

Working remotely should never be a barrier to connecting with colleagues, finding resources, sharing knowledge and developing skills. With HowNow, it’s not.

Trusted by 10,000+ teams at forward-thinking learning organisations

Drive remote productivity.

77% of employees are more productive when working remotely, you just need to give them the right tools.

HowNow brings all your resources into one searchable platform, meaning employees can find and share consistent information wherever, whenever.

Find relevant resources in HowNow
Creating knowledge Nuggets in HowNow

Collaborate and connect.

Make sure you’re not swapping in-office distractions for at-home ones. Save employee insights and internal knowledge as Nuggets and cut back on the need for repeat questions.

HowNow empowers people to share knowledge with their colleagues in a matter of clicks, in the apps they love and use every day.

Onboard well, everywhere.

How do you make a great first impression virtually? By creating personalised onboarding experiences that connect remote joiners with the relevant knowledge they need to contribute faster.

Automate delivery, enable recommended content and measure progress, all in HowNow.

Report in real time with HowNow's Analytics Dashboard

Manage L&D remotely.

Remote workers shouldn’t feel disconnected from their managers or development.

In HowNow, assign resources and courses to your employees, measure their progress and invite them to events or classes, everywhere you go and in one app.

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