Knowledge is revenue

Onboard, upskill and enable your teams with the knowledge they need, when they need it, right where they work.

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Knowledge that drives results

Increase productivity
For every £1 spent on training and enablement, it realises an estimated £30 worth of productivity.
Engage your talent
Companies with high employee engagement are 12% more profitable and 18% more productive than competitors.
Drive revenue
Companies who offer digital learning and on-the-job training generate 26% more revenue per employee.

Humans + AI = 10x Human

An AI-powered knowledge platform that autonomously curates all the knowledge you need and delivers it everywhere you work. 

Always in the know

From wikis, documents and playbooks to expertly curated courses, books, podcasts, blogs and events, HowNow autonomously brings together all the knowledge you need from a variety of sources in real-time.
We can learn a lot from each other
A space for your teams to co-create learning content of all types and easily share knowledge. Anyone can add content, start conversations, provide feedback and collaborate – whenever, wherever. 
Get things done
From the tools you use every day like Slack and Salesforce to your mobile, HowNow uses AI to deliver the knowledge you need, right when and where you need it so you can get things done instead of spending time searching. 
Just enough, just in time, just for you
Our AI-engine curates and recommends relevant knowledge to you based on your skill requirements, role, goals, performance, learning preferences, benchmark data and context.
Get actionable insights
Know your team’s knowledge gaps and expertise with insightful analytics. Track and manage your learning spend with our smart digital wallet. Build a learning culture that is linked to your business goals and performance.
Integrate with the apps you love
HowNow doesn’t sit outside your workflow (looking at you LMS), it seamlessly integrates into the applications you know and love, to put learning and knowledge sharing at the heart of your organisation.

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Halved onboarding time and train 700 employees globally.
Received 85% daily engagement and shortened response times by 25%.
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HowNow is a AI-powered knowledge platform. We’re using AI to better humans, not replace them.

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