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We’re driving performance and development across 10,000+ teams.

Learn faster

Bring scattered
learning together.

From training and shared knowledge to expertly-curated blogs, podcasts and courses, HowNow centralises all your learning resources from inside and outside of the organisation, into one searchable platform.

HowNow intelligent learning platform

Share knowledge

Tap into your
collective brains. 

Curate learning pathways. Author courses. Host webinars and events. Capture answers to repeat questions. Share what you know. With HowNow, learn from each other and never lose useful knowledge again.

Drive results

Align learning
with needs. 

Use real-time analytics to benchmark your team’s capabilities and identify skills gaps. Personalise each person’s learning and development to maximise impact and return-on-investment.

Build skills

Track and
measure progress.

Test and certify excellence in job roles. Assess and track skills progression with continuous self and peer-reviews. Combine learning activity with business metrics to see the impact of learning on performance and development.

Learn in the flow of work.

Learn faster and work smarter with on-demand access to the knowledge you need, when you need it, everywhere you already work: in your inbox, CRM, helpdesk, Slack, mobile and hundreds of other places.


Open learning in every new tab. No need to download or install anything. Simple. 


Get the knowledge you need within your inbox, CRM, Helpdesk, Task Management Tool and lots more.


Learn on-the-go, even whilst you’re offline. Share knowledge with your peers from anywhere, anytime. 


Search your learning resources and create nuggets directly from Slack/Teams. 

Works for every team.

People build successful businesses, not tools. We make sure those people have the skills, knowledge and mindset to do that – no matter what team they’re in.


Bring everyone onto the same page and build a continuous learning culture.


Enable reps with collective know how, cut down ramp up time and turn your sales team into experts.

Customer Service

Train and enable your support team with all the knowledge they need to create great customer experiences. 


Centralise your marketing knowledge and upskill your team on the latest growth hacks and strategies. 


Upskill your devs on the latest technologies, share best practices and track their skills progression. 

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