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The intelligent learning platform that actually helps your team build skills and work smarter by connecting them with the knowledge they need, when they need it – everywhere they already work.

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We’re driving performance and development across 10,000+ teams.

"I love our LMS" said no one ever.

That's why we built HowNow.


Cut down ramp up time for new starters, connect them with internal experts and ensure they’re compliant.


Measure and grow the skills that will grow your business. Empower your people to take control of their development.


Close deals faster, make smarter decisions quicker and get work done faster with knowledge at your fingertips.

Bring scattered learning together. 

From internal files and docs to courses, books, podcasts and events, HowNow brings together all your learning resources from inside and outside of the organisation, into one searchable platform.

HowNow intelligent learning platform

Tap into your collective brains. 

Curate learning pathways. Author courses. Host webinars and events. Capture answers to repeat questions in nuggets. With HowNow, learn from each other and never lose useful knowledge again.

Align learning with business goals. 

Build a continuous learning culture by enabling self-directed learning and with data-driven personalisation based on your business goals and skills gaps. Feels like magic, powered by AI.

Measure and grow your team’s skills.

Measure the skills you have in your team. Benchmark your team’s capabilities against real-time market data. Track learner progression, identify knowledge gaps and discover your internal experts.

Learn in the flow of work.

Get the knowledge you need, exactly when you need it, right where you’re already working – in your inbox, CRM, helpdesk, Slack, mobile and hundreds of other places. That’s right, knowledge you need will find you!


Open learning in every new tab. No need to download or install anything. Simple. 


Get the knowledge you need within your inbox, CRM, Helpdesk, Task Management Tool and lots more.


Learn on-the-go, even whilst you’re offline. Share knowledge with your peers from anywhere, anytime. 


Search your learning resources and create nuggets directly from Slack/Teams. 

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