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If skills is your currency, we’ll make it rain.

The best kind of innovation is often significantly better and saves you money. That’s why our pricing is simple and transparent. You can even try it for free.


£3 per user/month

  • Up to 10 users
  • Mobile & Slack App
  • Browser Extension
  • Chat Support

£5 per user/month

  • SSO
  • HRIS Integration
  • Sync with content providers
  • 24/7 Support


  • Starts at 1000 Users
  • Custom Integrations
  • API access
  • Dedicated L&D Advisor

All plans include

Content Management

Create courses. Curate learning pathways. Manage events. Host Webinars.

Personalised Learning

Automated workflows. AI-powered learning suggestions. Fast, unified search. 

Workflow Learning

Surface relevant resources everywhere you work – in your inbox, Slack, Teams, Salesforce and 100s more. 

Track Progress

Create knowledge checks. Set interactive challenges. Give continuous feedback. 

Give Rewards

Recognise progress with certificates. Gamify with virtual badges. Choose from the gallery or upload your own.

Measure Skills

Measure skills proficiency through self review and peer review. Skills mapping with relevant job roles. 

Real-time Insights

Track learner activity. Discover internal experts. Benchmark your team. Export data.


From Slack and Microsoft Teams to Sharepoint and Salesforce, integrate and sync with the apps you love to use. 

Have a question?

You are charged each user set up with a HowNow account within your team. AdminsManagers, Contributors and Read-Only users are all considered users in HowNow. Each role is charged the same.

Yes. HowNow expertly curates the best blogs, e-books, podcasts and videos from across the web and organises it into content Channels. You can use the HowNow apps directory turn on the content providers you want.

In addition to this, we also work with leading experts and premium content providers so we can put together a content package for you that meets your learning needs. 

Sure thing! We offer a free 2-week trial. Click here to get started. 

We’re powering talent at the most forward-thinking companies.


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