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It’s HowNow, With An Added “+”

Bringing you the best in learning content, in one subscription, built straight into HowNow. A single subscription of content from 20+ curated providers covering essential topics.

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World class content, from Sources you can trust

We’ve curated a handpicked selection of learning resources covering all of your
business-critical topics.

Regulatory compliance

Financial compliance


Health &

Diversity Equity & inclusion


Personal Development

Executive Leadership

Front End Development

Data &

Back End Development

Web Development

Digital Marketing


Change Management

Business Strategy

Remote Working

And too many more to list!

The right content, for the right impact.

Select only the content you need and assign them to your targeted audience. Then measure impact with skills insights and content performance.

Curate your learning with our help.

We’re your partner, so we won’t throw you in the deep end. We’ll work with you to carefully curate content from HowNow+ to drive learning engagement.

One subscription for all your needs.

No more dealing with multiple providers, invoices and integrations. One subscription, one bill and one place for all your learning.

Ready to “+” your L&D offering?

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Meet the incredible e-learning providers included with HowNow+

We’ve curated 5000+ learning resources covering 10+ business-critical topics, from 20+ of the worlds best content providers.

AssembleYou AssembleYou
Founded-2012 Founded 2012
404-Courses-in-HowNow 60+ Resources in HowNow+

Podcast-style Power Skills audio learning. Succinct, ten-minute audio courses designed to provide you with actionable, practical ways to build your skillset.

PinkTum PinkTum
Founded 2010 Founded 2010
60+ Courses included in HowNow+ 60+ Courses included in HowNow+
Trusted by Porsche, Allianz and Bosch&Zurich Trusted by Porsche, Allianz and Bosch&Zurich

Inspiring with high-quality learning experiences. PinkTum’s e-learning courses promote intercultural, barrier-free personal development.

Skilla Skilla
404-Courses-in-HowNow 230+ Resources included in HowNow+
1M-Learners 2M+ Learners
1M-Learners Top 30 Learning Provider

With more than 20 years track record reputation, Skilla helps organisations and individuals adapt and thrive amid change and complexity. Bite-sized learning for Business Skills and Soft Skills.

MeLearning MeLearning
Founded-2012 Trusted by BT, MoD and ValueMatch
404-Courses-in-HowNow 90+ Resources in HowNow+
1M-Learners ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Accredited

Me Learning is transforming how we learn and unlocking workforce potential through tailored digital e-learning, software training

Mind Channel Mind Channel
Founded-2012 Bite-sized Videos + Courses
404-Courses-in-HowNow Founded 2017

Mind Channel for Business provides short, fun, and easily accessible training videos to grow and develop employees.

Simon Sez IT Simon Sez IT
Founded-2012 14 Years experience in e-learning
404-Courses-in-HowNow 60+ Courses included in HowNow+
700k Learners 700k Learners

Simon Sez IT makes business and technical software simple to learn.

They hire only the best authors to teach, and their style is to take the time to explain things in the detail they deserve. That means their courses are perfect if you’re new to a certain technology or just technology shy in general.

Mindscaling Mindscaling
404-Courses-in-HowNow 160+ Resources included in HowNow+
Founded-2012 Founded 2015
404-Courses-in-HowNow Award-Winning Content Designers

Mindscaling designs and builds leadership experiences for your people. Each course is hand-crafted with award winning instructional design, rich media and dynamic interaction to be best-in class.

400k Learners 400k Daily Learners
404-Courses-in-HowNow 2000+ Resources included in HowNow+
404-Courses-in-HowNow 2000+ Resources included in HowNow+

HSI is a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) and workforce development software, training, and compliance solutions. Their content solutions enable safety, HR and operations managers to train employees on necessary workforce skills, keep workers safe, and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements.

School of Marketing School of Marketing
4000+ Learners 4000+ Learners
404-Courses-in-HowNow Trusted by Unilever, Nando’s and Pearson
404-Courses-in-HowNow Accredited by Pearson Edexcel and NUS

Crafted by industry-leading experts, the School of Marketing is here to inspire, educate and upskill marketers of all ages, and enrich the learning experience.

AwareGo AwareGo
8M+ Learners 8M+ Learners
404-Courses-in-HowNow 70+ Courses included in HowNow+
404-Courses-in-HowNow Trusted by PWC, Deloitte and McLaren

The human risk factor is responsible for 91% of all cybersecurity breaches. Jobs, reputations and supply chains are at risk. Close the gap with the only holistic solution for human risk management by assessing and training employee.

TalentQuest TalentQuest
Founded-2012 110+ Resources included in HowNow+
404-Courses-in-HowNow ROI Award Winners 2020

TalentQuest’s Interactive eLearning keeps learners engaged at every step. With a modern, web-based interface, video, animation, gamification, and interactive exercises, we create compelling learning experiences with content designed to help you acquire the skills you need, and drive business success.

Bigger Brains Bigger Brains
Founded-2012 Founded 2012
404-Courses-in-HowNow 80+ Resources included in HowNow+
404-Courses-in-HowNow Trusted by Mitsubishi and Hiscox

Bigger Brains is recognized as a Microsoft Silver Partner, and is the winner of multiple awards for our software training. Most Bigger Brains courses include handouts, practice files, and quiz-like knowledge checks.

ThinkBiscuit ThinkBiscuit
Founded-2012 Founded 2017
404-Courses-in-HowNow Experts in video and animation
404-Courses-in-HowNow Trusted by Vodafone and CBI

ThinkBiscuit’s elearning courses are designed help you deliver the learning your team needs to stay safe, meet compliance regulations and develop professionally in the workplace.

Upskillist Upskillist
Founded-2012 CPD Certified
30M+ Learners 30M+ Learners
404-Courses-in-HowNow 70+ Courses included in HowNow+

Upskillist is a global online education institution which provides interactive classes, designed to allow students to learn at their own pace.

Upskillist achieves this by leveraging the potential of online learning and automation to match education with the pace of students lives.

Service Skills Service Skills
Founded-2012 100+ Resources included in HowNow+
404-Courses-in-HowNow Specialists in service and customer facing training
404-Courses-in-HowNow 4.7 Stars in G2

ServiceSkills is a robust eLearning solution that delivers a curated collection of soft skills training courses designed to improve the way your staff perform

Enspark Enspark
Founded-2012 Founded 2009
500k+ Learners 500k+ Learners
404-Courses-in-HowNow 70 Resources included in HowNow+

Enspark combine professional visuals, microlearning, explainer videos, and engaging interactions to create courses that are effective and accessible.

Their team is comprised of instructional designers, corporate trainers and multimedia developers

London School of Sales London School of Sales
Founded-2012 Founded 2016
404-Courses-in-HowNow CPD Certified
404-Courses-in-HowNow Specialists in Sales developmen

London School of Sales was created for salespeople by salespeople to provide you with the essential sales skills and techniques you need to overcome the daily challenges you face.

Develop a personal toolkit and the growth mindset needed to excel in your sales career, whether you are just starting out, want to improve your performance or step up as a team leader. Our approach to sales training is practical and honest.

isEazy isEazy
600k+ Learners 600k+ Learners
404-Courses-in-HowNow 100+ Customers
404-Courses-in-HowNow Trusted by ING Direct, Vodafone and Shiseido

isEazy provides soft and digital skills offering an unique experience with interactive and dynamic courses, to increase engagement and guarantee your team’s learning

7Dimensions 7Dimensions
Founded-2012 Founded 1979
404-Courses-in-HowNow 200+ Resources included in HowNow+
1000+ Learners 1000+ Learners

Founded in 1979, by psychologist Eve Ash, who was inspired by John Cleese to produce comedy films so learning at work could be fun. In 2015 7D launched a new series of 61 training videos, INSIGHTS AND STRATEGIES SERIES, featuring Eve Ash interviewing a diverse group of experts and business leaders who share experiences and strategies to achieve best practice

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Frequently Asked


How much is HowNow+?

Select HowNow+ and choose your number of learners to find out an estimate for HowNow+ With HowNow+ you get HowNow, plus access to all of the content. If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your CSM to discuss pricing.

Do you offer specialist content?

Yes! We’ve partnered with providers who offer niche specialisms as well as core-skills and wider general content – giving you the best of all the learning worlds to curate as needed.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one. Upgrade to HowNow+ and you get access to all this content, plus the brains to help you curate it as needed.

Does the content come in other languages?

At the moment, HowNow+ content is available only in English. If you have specific language needs, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

How often is HowNow+ Content updated?

We’re always handpicking new content partners, but this process takes time. Currently we have more than 20 providers, with the plan to introduce more over the next few months. As HowNow+ grows, our content offering grows too.

What formats are included with HowNow+?

Different people learn in different ways – so we’ve included Courses, Assessments, Microlearning, Audio and Video content that appeals to different people.

Who creates the content?

All of our HowNow+ content created by our partners, and it’s already built in, you just need to import it as you would any content you’d created yourself – it’s so easy!

Can i be a HowNow+ Content Partner?

We’re always on the lookout for awesome new content partners. Just complete the form on the Contact Us page.

Still not sure? Let us talk you through it

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