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Grow skills that grow your business.

Centralised knowledge, create continuous learning, develop together and give your people all the tools to succeed from day one.

We’re powering talent at the most forward-thinking companies.


Better employee experiences.

76% of employees value opportunities for career growth, 68% value development, so you should 100% give them that! Engage your best talent by investing in their progression because happy employees stick around.

Share knowledge, grow together.

If all your knowledge lives in one place, people can find it when and where they need it. When that place allows knowledge sharing, it breaks information out of silos and helps celebrate your internal experts.

Build tomorrow’s leaders today.

Great leaders aren’t produced overnight, give them the platform, tools and time to develop those skills in HowNow. From coaching to communication courses and practising interactions with employees.

Recording resource in HowNow
Measuring skills in HowNow

Align learning with business goals.

When leaders lack visibility into their employees’ capabilities, they can’t leverage their teams to meet business goals. HowNow empowers you to identify and close skills gaps through recommended and personalised learning.

Futureproof your organisation.

The business you build tomorrow starts with the actions you take today. Create a culture of continuous and self-directed learning, where you keep on top of the skills that affect your teams, at the speed of business.

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