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EventsCase: Keeping staff informed and delivering training in a fast-growing, global business

Jose Bort, EventsCase CEO & Co-Founder

How do you keep your global employees updated on the latest product developments and provide consistent training across time zones? This was the challenge facing EventsCase, as they evolved from servicing events with a hundred people to 10,000-attendee conferences.

The all-in-one event management software provides websites, apps, registrations and more for events, operating in offices across the UK, US, Spain and Dubai. With the business and its staff growing at a fast pace, EventsCase needed a platform that could update and train all teams across the business and globe.

This is where we entered the equation. HowNow not only allowed those relevant resources to be shared globally, but we also enabled EventsCase to understand how their people are learning, measure their training and test knowledge in one platform.

As Jose Bort, EventsCase CEO & Co-Founder, explains in the above video, the long-term aspiration is to engage partners and clients through HowNow. In his words, “it works” and is “very simple to use”. So it’s no surprise that he’d recommend us to fast-growing startups and large companies with multiple locations and large learner numbers.

Capturing Jose’s thoughts

EventsCase is an all-in-one event management software, so that means that we provide websites, apps and on-site registration to conference organisers, corporates that have shareholder meetings, incentive events and product launches, and agencies that work with corporates [on events] of any size. We started with events of 100, 200 people, and now we do events with over 10,000 people.

The problem that we had before HowNow is that we have multiple locations geographically and also different time zones. So we have the UK, Spain (full offices), the US and now we’ve opened Dubai, and we are a fast-growing company, tripling the business every year and our staff. To keep everyone updated from sales, the support team and project managers on all features that we have, it was a big challenge.

HowNow allows us to basically train and inform everyone within the company. Now, in the beginning, we are using it more for the staff, but in the future, we want to use it with partners and then also with clients.

It is really important to know how people are learning because before HowNow it was more just DropBox, so we didn’t know who was watching the videos or reading and even being able to test, it helps a lot.

I would definitely recommend HowNow, we’ve been using it for around two years—really happy with the team, it works, very simple to use but really powerful at the same time. So, I would recommend it to any startups that are growing fast, and to the really large organisations that have multiple locations or they have lots of people and need to track their learning.

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