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Get 5x more engagement than a traditional LMS.

Making learning a part of everyday work means giving employees the learning resources and knowledge they need, when and where they need.

Life before HowNow…

Too many knowledge sources

More than half of employees have been unable to find the right resources at work and the variety of tools and tech make it harder.

Disengaged employees

People leave companies because they’re not learning A lack of learning opportunities may not be your problem – but a lack of engagement is.

One-size-fits-all learning

A lack of personalised learning means people simply don’t engage. Only 45% of employees feel their company’s training is specific to their role.

Disconnected from work

49% of people want to learn at the point of need. Taking employees out of the flow of work damages productivity.

No real impact, just vanity metrics

Aligning learning to business goals is a top L&D priority for 2023. To demonstrate impact, L&D teams need to drive performance and solve business challenges.

Knowledge lost forever

57% of employees noted that finding people with specific expertise is difficult. Interrupting productivity and losing valuable brainpower.

… and life with HowNow

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All your L&D in one place

Centralise all your knowledge under one beautiful roof: compliance courses, content streams, internal comms, HowNow+ (and much more) all in one place.

Learning that fits into everyday work

Say goodbye forever to context switching that ruins productivity. Learn what you need, when you need it: in your browser, Google search, MS Teams, Slack and on the go.

Personalised, social learning for everyone 

AI-powered recommendations based on Channels of interest, individual Skills and learner preferences that delivers meaningful learning.

People who care about their growth

HowNow’s team guide you through implementation and internal culture change that drives learner adoption and engagement that creates a competitive L&D package.
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Brainpower captured

Empowering leaders and SMEs to share their knowledge with easy-to-use content creation means retaining your tribal and tacit knowledge.

Measured impact, proof and perfomance

Gather insights into learner behaviours, skill progression, compliance performance. Pair the data with support from HowNow to build a compelling success story for your C-Suite.

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Solves every problem…

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Automated onboarding that helps people excel in their role, and takes the stress out of yours.

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Easy reporting, automated renewal and engaging content that keeps everyone compliant.

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Measure, develop and endorse the skills that drive performance.

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Knowledge Sharing

Bring scattered knowledge together and build a collective brain.

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Leadership Development

Leadership is a behaviour not a title. Nurture it wherever your leaders are. 

We’ll stop teasing.

Give it a go.