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End your upskill battle today.

Shape your workforce of the future by understanding the skills you’re lacking right now. With HowNow, track, measure and develop the skills your organisation needs at the speed of business.

Trusted by 10,000+ teams at forward-thinking learning organisations

Measure your team’s skills.

What are the skills gaps holding your team back? Understanding this should be the foundation for your upskilling plans. Automate the mapping of skills to job roles and then use self- and peer-review to build a dynamic skills profile of each person.

Measuring skills in HowNow
Report in real time with HowNow's Analytics Dashboard

Benchmark your talent.

With skills tracking in place, compare the skills of your workforce to your strategic roadmap to identify gaps. With HowNow, discover the most in-demand skills based on real-time job market data and benchmark your people accordingly.

Close skill gaps.

HowNow intelligently recommends relevant learning based on your skills requirements. L&D Teams and Managers can also leverage the skills data to create and assign learning pathways based on people’s skill gaps.

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