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Elevate skills and enhance potential

Workforce skills (and how you build them) can make or break you. Track, measure and develop skills that drive performance in HowNow.

Find your skill gaps

The time for painful learning needs analysis is over!

Measure the skills your people need to develop and track their progression over time.

HowNow’s evolving library of Skills is sourced from job data, so you’re never out of touch with what’s current.

Measuring skills in HowNow
Report in real time with HowNow's Analytics Dashboard

…and close them effortlessly

Use HowNow’s skills data to smart-target learning resources to those who need to improve most, and lean on those who are experts in their field.

Add social proof to skills

Take a 360 approach to talent development by requesting Skill endorsements from colleagues, managers or subject matter experts. Give people a virtual pat on the back and build a better picture of their skills and progress by bringing more opinions to the table.

Find relevant resources in HowNow

Get 5x more engagement than a traditional LMS