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Great to have you onboard

Growing fast? We’ll do it with you. 

HowNow gets people to productivity faster, with automated onboarding that measures Skills from day one.

Save time with automation

Automatically onboard new starters with an HRIS integration and assign automated learning pathways to create a future-proof onboarding journey.

Creating knowledge Nuggets in HowNow
HowNow custom rules

Create a culture of learning

Shoulder taps and watercooler conversations are over for some, that’s why HowNow supports knowledge sharing and search everywhere people work. With our browser extension, and Slack & MS Teams apps.

Develop people from day one

Measure the business impact of L&D by tracking Skills. New Starters complete a day-one Skills assessment, giving you insight into every employee’s development over time.

Report in real time with HowNow's Analytics Dashboard
Find relevant resources in HowNow

Curate targeted learning

Whether you’re keeping globally distributed new starters compliant or making them Excel-experts on Day One: HowNow+ gives you access to thousands of learning resources from 30+ handpicked providers. All in one subscription.

Get 5x more engagement than a traditional LMS