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Put your collective brains to work.

Get all of that useful knowledge out of your employees’ heads and into HowNow! Where your employees can search for it, share it and build upon it. Learn together and never lose useful knowledge again.

Trusted by 10,000+ teams at forward-thinking learning organisations

Learn from each other.

The fastest and most cost-effective way of creating learning content is to empower your internal experts to share what they know. Build a knowledge network and reap the compound benefits of building on the expertise of peers.

Creating knowledge Nuggets in HowNow

Keep your company’s brain organised.

With Channels and Groups, organise your learning resources in a way that’s easy to find and decide who should see what. With built-in expert verification, you’ll never have to worry if the knowledge is inaccurate or out-of-date.

Never lose useful knowledge. 

In these fast-changing times, no organisation can afford to be relearning the things they already knew and losing valuable knowledge. With HowNow, capture knowledge as it’s created or transferred from everywhere you already work.

Find relevant resources in HowNow
Finding knowledge you need within the Slack app

Build a search-first culture. 

Cut down expensive (virtual) shoulder taps and repeat questions by centralising your collective knowledge in one searchable place. Create a single source of truth that everyone in the company has access to, no matter where they’re working – in their inbox, CRM, helpdesk, Slack and Teams.

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