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How We’re Improving Accessibility To Provide Better Learner Experiences

It ain’t easy being green! It might be one of our (some say iconic) brand colours, but was it making HowNow the most accessible platform? Honestly, No. We needed to do more. 

19% of the working-age population has some sort of disability (We’ll save the fact that only 7% of C-Suite leaders have a disability for another conversation 😅) and we’re on a mission to make HowNow a more friendly place for every person: To engage, learn, manage and administrate with ease. 

We love our HowNow UI green, but it doesn’t create sufficient colour contrast for full legibility. And relying on colour codes & traffic lights doesn’t convey meaning to colourblind users. We needed to make a few tweaks:

  • Added Alt-Text during the User-Onboarding process for those with screen readers
  • Skimmed back on the use of HowNow UI Green and replaced it with higher contrast grey
  • Deepened darker borders around buttons and tabs
  • Added underlines to all non-button links where possible 
  • Added icons next to colour-coded input fields to indicate meaning


Highlight of updated Radio and Selection buttons on HowNow moved from Green to Grey for better contrast

Highlight of input fields changed to indicate completion and status, rather than relying on colour only.

Improved link visibility for all pointed links, and reduction of green to enable better contrast for learners

These are just a few small improvements we’re making to be sure that HowNow is an accessible and engaging place for people to learn – regardless of their physical or cognitive ability. 

When we introduced HowNow+ we did so to ensure that there was incredible learning content available for everyone in their moment of need and it is only fair to extend that mindset to HowNow too. 

We’ve already looked into ways we can make L&D more accessible using specific tools, plugins and extensions on the HowNow blog which will make life easier for you and your learners too. 

For a full rundown of the changes we’re implementing, take a look at our changelog or read our accessibility statement here.