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Being compliant doesn’t need to be complicated.

Expensive if you get it wrong, yet so easy to get right. In HowNow, make compliance training stick with relevant content, reduce admin time through automated workflows and ensure everyone’s compliant with simple reporting.

Loved and trusted by 10,000+ high performing teams

Automate compliance workflows.

You set the rules, we’ll do the rest! Whether it’s based on their role, team or when they joined the company, you can create rules that assign compliance training to learners. If they need to complete it periodically, there’s a rule for that too.

HowNow custom rules
Creating knowledge Nuggets in HowNow

Break down the boredom barrier.

46% of employees think that compliance training content is ‘dull and boring’ – it doesn’t have to be. HowNow gives you the flexibility to create your own content and combine it with external learning resources that help you make it relevant to every job role.

Measure and improve completion.

Only 77% of staff complete online compliance programmes on the traditional LMS, so you need the ability to report on who’s compliant in real-time. When you can automate delivery and reminders, and produce reports at a click, there’s no reason you can’t hit 100%.

Measuring completion in HowNow
Find relevant resources in HowNow

Reduce the cost of compliance.

Instructor-led sessions, off-the-shelf courses – the cost of compliance soon adds up. The beauty of HowNow is that you can use curated publicly available content with your own content to bypass the need for some of these budget-sappers.

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