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Grow together.

We’re a team of food-lovers, film buffs, tech geeks, dancers, divers, book worms and lots more. We’re good at different things but that’s cool because we’re growing together.

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Our Story

How we got here.

Flashback to when Leo won his first Oscar, Pokemon GO was a thing and when we set out on a mission to help people grow. These three phenomenons are completely unconnected but they did happen in the same year.

The story of how we started HowNow isn’t straight-forward enough to sum up into a few lines and we believe is movie-worthy (although we might be biased). If it ever got made, the log line for the movie would read: a group of unlikely heroes come together to embark on a mission to help people discover the right skills, knowledge and mindset to solve the world’s biggest problems.

The moral of the movie would be continuous learning is the secret for making the most out of life. Coming soon to a screen near you.

Our Team

Meet the minds behind the tech.


Nelson Sivalingam


Living life 24 frames per second. Always musing. Loves making things. Would be played by Superstar Rajnikanth (with some de-aging CGI). 


Kuvera Sivalingam


Forever lost in thought searching for a method to his madness. Would be played by Mr Method himself – Daniel Day Lewis. 


Ashish Kumar


Forever curious. Loves building tech stuff. Fascinated by marine life and fish tanks. Would be played by Rajkumar Rao.

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Always sniffing around for something new, constantly curious and always learning new tricks. Would be played by Emma Watson. 


Lulu Dermeche

Head of Customer Success

A zingy friendly human being, always up for a good laugh, and who would struggle to become vegan. Would be played by Zooey Deschanel

jon magnus

Jon Magnus


Someone who makes friends everywhere he goes and finds himself in unusual places and situations. Would be played by Elijah Wood.

michael whitfield

Michael Whitfield


Sold Thomsons Online Benefits to Mercer for £250M+. Leading HR Tech Investor. Still deciding who would play him in a movie. 

Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson


Sold his successful digital business in 2014 for £55m and has established a portfolio of successful tech companies. Will probably play himself.


Emily Mills

Business Development

Essex girl trying to make it in the big city. Would be played by Emma Mackey/Emilia Clarke.


Aaron-Spencer Charles

Product Manager

A thought-machine with a library of ideas who cooks them up in silence. Would be played by Dacre Montgomery.


Chirag Paryani

Front-end Team Lead

Always has a joke or a story to share. Would be played by old Rishi Kapoor.

Hardik Jain

Hardik Jain

Back-end Team Lead

Cheerful, supportive and on a continuous adventure to learn more. Would be played by Amitabh Bachchan.

Akshay Dhobale

Akshay Dhobale

Back-end Developer

Always learning from his experiences and experiments, Akshay enjoys discussing technology, politics and his plans for road trips. Would be played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


Ashish Singh

Back-end Developer

Passionate about AI, ML and technology in general. Ideally spends his time reading and watching a web series or action movie. Would be played by Liam Neeson.

Gary Stringer Headshot 2

Gary Stringer

Content Marketing Manager

A man of few spoken words, because he’s saving them all for our written content. Would be played by Kristofer Hivju through beard envy alone.

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Akhil Vutukuri

Software Test Engineer

Easygoing and cheerful, Akhil consistently sets firm goals for himself. Would be played by Mahesh Babu.

Ashish Soundalkar

Ashish Soundalkar

UI/UX Designer

Finds creative ways of remaining an artist while growing up. Would be played by Henry Cavill.

Saurabh Manwani

Saurabh Manwani

Principal Product Manager

An ideasmith who loves playing with systems and frameworks. Trying to understand what makes humans tick, while munching on nachos. Would be played by Irrfan Khan.

Alfie Gardner

Alfie Gardner

Customer Success Manager

Personal Trainer, gamer, Chinese speaker, resident LGBTQIA+ expert and Customer Success obsessive. Would be played by non-binary wonder Tilda Swinton (or Alien-era John Hurt).


Mehak Mandhana

UX Designer

Talkative, likes clicking moments (and sunsets), always up for a cold coffee :).
Would be played by Sanya Malhotra.

Our Values

What we stand for

Learn Everyday

To do something better than you’ve done before,  you need to be curious and willing to continuously learn. It is not about what you know today, but whether you can figure it out.

Zig When They Zag

Take a stroll down untrodden paths. Play outside of your comfort zone. Be fearlessly different. Find your own magic.

Listen First

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen first and more often than you talk but make sure the world hears what you have to say.

All For One

If we look after the world and all its tenants, then the world and it’s tenants will look after us. We’re in it together.

Do What Matters

Accomplish great work, make meaningful impact and exceed expectations. It’s what you actually do that counts.

Own Your Future

What do you bring to table? You bring the table. You create your own opportunities. Own your achievements and mistakes.

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