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22 LinkedIn L&D experts who’ll fill your feed with knowledge in 2022

The world of work is changing so fast that many of us struggle to keep up! We get it, keeping on top of every new trend or report is hard, knowing where best to devote our eyes and ears when there are so many webinars, podcasts, and videos is tough too.

However, there is a way you can not only keep up with but get ahead of the trends, and that is to follow the right people in 2022 and beyond.  We spend so much of our time scrolling, it might as well be giving us the inside scoop to stay in the loop.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 22 L&D and people development experts to follow in 2022 and make your LinkedIn feed one of your best and most knowledgeable sources of inspiration.

Kevin M. Yates, The L&D Detective

Find Kevin on LinkedIn

Helping you solve your learning measurement mysteries, the L&D Detective is a must-follow for 2022. You can’t prove how effective your L&D strategy is if you’re not measuring its effectiveness or defining what success looks like. Kevin’s website and social channels are great places to find resources on this, and so was the conversation we had with him earlier this year.

Mark T Fernandes, Organisation Behaviour, Organisation Development and Human Resources Practitioner

Find Mark on LinkedIn

Learning and people development with a psychological twist, Mark is definitely one to follow if you’re a visual learner with an interest in how people think! From how our brains work and the relationship with learning to how leaders can build effective habits and collect feedback, you’ll find brilliant infographics like this shared pretty often.

Nelson Sivalingam, HowNow CEO and author of Learning at Speed 

Find Nelson on LinkedIn

We might be biased, but if you’re not already following Nelson, 2022 is the year you really need to! Why? Because his first book, Learning at Speed: How to Upskill and Reskill your Workforce at Pace to Drive Business Performance, will be published early next year.

The book “brings together the best from lean and agile methodologies to show how they can be applied to learning and development (L&D) to improve individual and organizational performance”, and we’re sure Nelson will be sharing some sneak peeks and nuggets of wisdom on his LinkedIn profile. As well as insights from running a fast-growing learning technology company, the conversations he has on the L&D Disrupt podcast and plenty more. 

Henry Stewart, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Ltd and author of Happy Manifesto

Find Henry on LinkedIn

People development’s a lot easier when those people are happy, enter Henry Stewart! The perfect influencer if you like people that post high quality insights without bombarding you. Around once each week, Henry shares great quotes, questions and musings on how managers can put smiles on employee faces. 

Shelby Wolpa, People Leadership Advisor & Remote Work Expert

Find Shelby on LinkedIn

Chances are you’re going to be amending and updating policies for hybrid working or working from home in 2022, so you’ll want to be following one of the best remote work experts out there. Shelby Wolpa has not only put out guides to help you create remote cultures and remote-first practices, but she also regularly shares great tips like this.

Josh Bersin, Corporate Talent, HR, & Learning Analyst, Founder of Bersin Research

Find Josh on LinkedIn

Chances are this name is ringing a bell (that’s if you’re not following him already) because Josh Bersin is one of the biggest commentators in the worlds of HR and L&D. 20 years since he founded his leading HR research and advisory company, Bersin & Associates (which was later acquired by Deloitte), Josh is often found speaking at events, providing industry insights and sharing the latest HR or L&D news.

He also founded the Josh Bersin Academy, “the only end-to-end professional development platform dedicated to HR leaders and their teams.”

Brandon Carson, Vice President, Learning and Leadership Partner at Walmart 

Find Brandon on LinkedIn

Author of two excellent books on L&D: Learning in the Age of Immediacy (2017) and L&D’s Playbook for the Digital Age (2021), Brandon Carson is one of the most insightful minds in the L&D space. Previously, the Director of Learning at Delta Air Lines and Home Depot, today, he’s “responsible and accountable for the Learning and Leadership strategy for Walmart US.”

In the summer of 2020, Brandon joined us to explain how we can reimagine corporate L&D in the digital age, and it’s definitely worth six minutes of your day!

Meghan M. Biro, Founder of TalentCulture

Find Meghan on LinkedIn

Meghan’s worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to global brands like Microsoft, IBM and Google, helping them to find and empower talent! Unsurprising, given that she’s the founder of TalentCulture, which supercharges HR brands, provides thought leadership content and fills the ears of thousands of listeners with golden HR nuggets through the #WorkTrends podcast. 

Donald H Taylor, Chair at Learning Technologies Conference and Chairperson at the Learning Skills Group 

Find Donald on LinkedIn

An old head (hopefully he won’t mind us saying that) of the corporate learning world, Donald H Taylor has held these two positions for more than two decades! He’s also been the Chairman of The Learning and Performance Insititute for 15 years, and that experience speaks for itself. You’ll find him speaking for himself at plenty of events, sharing research insights, asking insightful questions and lots more over on LinkedIn. 

Laura Overton, Founder of Towards Maturity and Co-creator of Emerging Stronger

Find Laura on LinkedIn

“My goal has always been to help learning leaders ensure that their organisations are equipped and ready through outcome-led and evidence-informed practice.”’

That quote from Laura’s bio should tell you two things about her: she’s focused on how data can guide us and on a mission to ensure leaders and learning are adding value. Since 2004, she’s been involved in over 70 major research reports and written over 300 articles sharing her insights. You’ll find Laura speaking at plenty of events, which she shares along with fascinating insights on LinkedIn.

Patti Shank, Founder at Learning Peaks, LLC

Find Patti on LinkedIn

Mastering workplace learning can be complex at times, which is why you need to follow Patti! She has a great knack for translating sometimes confusing topics and evidence-based approaches into actionable advice you can apply to your L&D strategy. She’s also an author, and the titles of her books speak to this very point. Here are a few:

  • Write Better Multiple-Choice Questions to Assess Learning: Measure What Matters— Evidence-Informed Tactics for Multiple-Choice Questions.
  • Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning: 26 evidence-based and easy-to-apply tactics that promote deeper learning and application.
  • Write and Organize for Deeper Learning: 28 evidence-based and easy-to-apply tactics that will make your instruction better for learning.

Sami Kallio, CEO at HappySignals

Find Sami on LinkedIn

A bit of a curveball for an L&D and people development list, but this CEO of an experience management software provider for IT can teach us a lot about employee experience. In fact, that’s what he does alongside Pasi Nikkanen on HappyToday – The IT Experience Podcast. They’ve covered topics like who’s responsible for the employee experience, the importance of human support, cultural change, measuring employee experiences and loads more.

Ross Stevenson, Founder of Steal These Thoughts

Find Ross on LinkedIn

Working in the world of L&D by day, by night, Ross shares his insights and experiences over on Steal These Thoughts. Under that brand name, he does a little bit of everything – podcasts, newsletters, YouTube videos, the lot! And his LinkedIn profile is the best place to keep up with it all. We spoke to Ross on one of our own podcast episodes, and it’s filled with brilliant gems, including why convincing people to buy into L&D means not calling it L&D.

Liz Fosslien, Head Of Content at Humu

Find Liz on LinkedIn

Understanding how employees feel or how to approach people management can be tricky, but it’s a lot easier if you’re following Liz Fosslien. From feedback on how people really feel to insights on how people work, Liz packages these insights up into brilliant images that translate complex ideas into interesting nuggets of information.

Sharlyn Lauby, author of HR Bartender and HR consultant

Find Sharlyn on LinkedIn

An HR pro turned consultant, Sharlyn doesn’t keep all her insights for her clients, she shares them openly on the HR Bartender blog. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, keeping up with her musings and speaking engagements via LinkedIn should be something you’re doing in 2022. 

Laurie Ruettimann, Author of Betting On You and Human Resources Consultant

Find Laurie on LinkedIn

Laurie was named in the US’ top five career advisers by CNN, so it’s probably worth paying attention to what she has to say. Her book “Betting on You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career” was published in early 2021, and she also shares insights in podcast form as the host of Punk Rock HR. Laurie’s not afraid to have a bit of fun over on Twitter and LinkedIn either, as you’ll see below.

David Hanrahan, Chief Human Resources Officer at Eventbrite

Find David on LinkedIn

Sharer of great articles, insightful advice for the world of HR and how they’re tackling people challenges at Eventbrite. In terms of experience, David’s previous roles include Director of Human Resources at Twitter and VP of People at Zendesk, so you know you’re in for some high-level tips and knowledge.

Mary Jantsch, Head of Talent & Partner Success at Elpha

Find Mary on LinkedIn

Working at a company that helps women build their careers, Mary is a great follow from two sides of the same talent coin: acquisition and retention. Even when she shares her roundups of job roles, there are little gems of wisdom prefacing the vacancies.

Jim Stroud, Vice President of Marketing at Proactive Talent

Find Jim on LinkedIn

Jim’s LinkedIn profile is like a bulletin board for all the latest HR and work-related articles you wish were in one place. It’s no surprise that he knows what to look for in an article, he’s written five HR books, creates podcast and YouTube content and published the “Black History Quiz” newsletter.

Lavinia Mehedințu
, Learning & Development Content Curator at Offbeat 

Find Lavinia on LinkedIn

You could go straight to following Lavinia on LinkedIn, but you’re probably better off signing up for her newsletter first to make sure you don’t miss the next batch of brilliant inbox insights. Each week, Lavinia discusses the big issues in L&D, collates all the latest and greatest articles, shares great social posts she’s seen and includes new job vacancies.

Brigette Hyacinth, Author of Leading the Workforce of the Future

Find Brigette on LinkedIn

Author of five leadership-focused books, including her latest work Leading the Workforce of the Future, Brigette Hyacinth is a great follow if you like watching videos from L&D or HR influencers. She regularly uploads insights to her YouTube channel, alongside speaking at various industry events.

Christopher Rainey, Host of the HR Leaders Podcast 

Find Christopher on LinkedIn

With more than three million downloads under his belt, it’s safe to say that Christopher is someone worth listening to in 2022. His podcast’s goal is to offer “actionable advice from the world’s top HR executives and experts”, and he certainly does that by providing short snippets from the episodes on LinkedIn. 

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