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All the knowledge you need

Bring together all of your internal training content and curated digital courses, videos, podcasts, blogs and webinars from leading industry experts. 
Eliminate information silos
Workplace knowledge is everywhere. HowNow brings together up-to-date knowledge from around the company and makes it available anytime, anywhere.
Expertly curated content
Access the best courses, videos, podcasts, blogs and events created and curated by leading subject matter experts. Both free and paid.
Your digital workplace
A space for your teams to co-create learning content of all types. Anyone can add content, start conversations, provide feedback and contribute to common goals, right from their desktop or on-the-go.

Right content to the right person at the right time

PersonaIised at scale
Easily organise your team based on their roles and define what skills you would like each team to learn and develop. HowNow will automatically curate content and make personalised recommendations for your employees based on this.
Powered by AI
Our AI-assistant Brown Cow will make smart recommendations based on benchmarked data, industry trends, individual’s experience and learning preferences. The more you use HowNow, the smarter it gets.
Smart search
This is one search to run them all, with search results pulling in relevant data from every you have workplace knowledge.

Context switching kills productivity

Employees spent 20% of their time looking for the information they need to do their job. That’s a day a week. With HowNow, the knowledge you need will find you, right where you work.
Browser Extension
Our AI-assistant Brown Cow recognises your context to suggest the most relevant knowledge to you in real-time.
Search and access your knowledge library from directly within your Slack workspace. Get notifications when new relevant learning content is added to your library.
Get the knowledge you need anytime, anywhere – even on-the-go. Download the content you want so you can learn offline on your mobile. Available on iOS and Android.

Know your team

Track and manage everything to do with the learning and development of your people.
Manage your budget
One single dashboard to easily track and manage your company’s learning spend. See who is spending on what at the click of a button.
Track progress
Track what your teams are learning and the skills they are developing. Measure the impact investing in your talent and see what types of knowledge drive revenue.
Instant insights
Get instant insights into your team’s strengths and areas for improvement. From the search data you’ll get a better idea of your team’s learning needs.

Setup over a cup of coffee

A seamless integration into your workflow that can be setup in minutes, not months.
Works with your tools
From Hubspot to Zendesk, HowNow brings together your company’s collective knowledge stored in shared folders, CRMs and help desks in real-time.
Works out of the box
Whether you have internal training content or not, you’ll have free curated learning content created by leading industry experts from day one.
We’ve got you covered
We take security and privacy very seriously. HowNow is fully GDPR compliant and your data is stored in the world class AWS cloud with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep it secure.
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HowNow is a AI-powered workplace learning platform. We’re using AI to better humans, not replace them.

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