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Perfect for onboarding, upskilling and enabling your team, no matter what the job title or department. 

Close more deals

Empower your sales team with up-to-date product knowledge, customer details and best practices, everywhere they work. 
Accelerate Ramp Time
When onboarding is done right, it results in 54% greater hire productivity and 50% greater retention. With HowNow, create onboarding playlists and deliver it in the flow of work to ramp up your new sales reps faster, at scale. 
Shorten Sales Cycles
According to a recent study, employees spend 20% of their time looking for the know-how they need. HowNow uses AI to leverage the portals where your reps work, like browsers and mobile, to suggest relevant knowledge when they need it. 
Always Be Closing
If you want to always be closing, then you need to always be learning. With HowNow, we’ll curate the best videos, podcasts and webinars on winning sales strategies and deliver it in the flow of work so your team can continue to do better work. 

Retain more customers

From customer success to support, enable your teams to shorten response times, drive upsells and provide a better customer experience.
Accelerate Ramp Time 
When onboarding is done right, it results in 54% greater hire productivity and 50% greater retention. With HowNow, create onboarding learning lists and deliver it in the flow work to ramp up your new Success reps faster, at scale.
Shorten Response Times
Your customers can ask questions across many channels – email, ticketing, chat, etc. No matter where you work, HowNow can deliver the knowledge you need, when you need it. This reduces resolution times and keeps customers happy.
Retain More Customers
Customers like to buy from Subject Matter Experts, not Sales People. Empower your Success Team with the collective knowledge they need at their fingertips, so they can spend less time looking for knowledge and more time creating incredible customer experiences and driving upsells.

Engage more customers

Enable your marketing team with up-to-date product knowledge, winning growth hacks and upskill them with current best practices.
Your Collective Knowledge
Turn knowledge into your most strategic asset. Create and share playbooks and best practices to enable everyone in your marketing team to outperform. Eliminate information silos and make sure marketeers have access to up-to-date information.
Power Up Your Marketing
From SEO and Paid Search strategies to winning content marketing tactics and how-to guides on the latest analytics tools, get the best learning content curated from experts.
The Digital Workplace
Marketing has changed, just as the workplace has. HowNow uses AI todeliver the most relevant information your team needs in browser, on mobile and within the tools they use.  

You’ll be in a good company

We’ve reduced the time and money spent on training by 75% and we’re able to upskill more people quicker. I love everything about the platform!
Jose Bort
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