How To Drive Best Practice Sharing

Why is best practice sharing so important?

Well, it’s pretty pointless just one person knowing the best way of doing something! 

Especially when the process gets the best results because the productivity or profitability gains are limited to that person alone.

Benefits of best practice sharing for organisations.

Taps into subject matter experts and contextual knowledge. Creates a knowledge-sharing and learning culture.

Breaks information out of silos. Builds better relationships. Improves productivity and problem-solving.

Tips and processes for sharing best practices.

Reward people for sharing. E.G. shoutouts, discounts or monetary rewards.

Embed those principles in new starters Make knowledge sharing and best practice use and management a part of the onboarding process.

Make it easy for people. Set up guidelines but go easy on the red tape other hurdles that add friction.

Set aside dedicated time. Carving out dedicated time every week or month can help form that habit.

How can finding the right tool help?

People typically need best practices in moments that matter, when they need to complete a task.

And that means creating a central place for knowledge which allows people to search for resources on demand.