Five Rules For Building A Great Leadership Team!

1. Set expectations, clarity and ground rules.

Assume nothing! Whether it’s how we communicate with each other, the templates we follow, or the organisation’s leadership style, clarity helps…

2. Share knowledge with each other and level up as a team.

Crowdsource answers to problems based on the experience we’ve built in the right context.

3. Coach each other and create group problem-solving environments.

Those groups will outlast the problem-solving stage they were needed for - driving long-term social learning.

4. Recognise that leaders aren’t just people with titles, they’re whoever we choose to follow 

There are a lot of people who are quietly leading, through the nature of how they carry themselves and the way they inspire people.

5. Test ideas on a smaller scale 

We don’t need to roll everything out at a company level to understand whether it’s useful or not.