A Winning  19-Step Employee Onboarding Checklist.

It sounds like something you’d do before hopping on a plane, so perhaps that travel industry is a good place for inspiration. 

Airlines get in touch regularly, send you the links and documents to make checking in easy, and they’re available for questions before your flight.

Apply these principles to your onboarding checklist and it will feel like a seriously smooth take-off. 

1. A warm welcome email. 2. Send useful resources ahead of day one. 3. Complete all forms and paperwork.

4. Set them up on your payroll. 5. Create their internal email. 6. Create a schedule and arrange meetings for the first week or two.

7. Introduce them to the rest of your team. 8. Set up their workstation and equipment.

9. Give people access to a central, self-service place for resources. 10. Set clear feedback channels from the get-go.

By now, you’ve set the foundations for a great welcome – it’s time to seal the deal by delivering on everything you’ve offered and promised so far!

11. The office tour (or intro to hybrid/remote working). 12. Introductions. 13. Sign any remaining paperwork.

14. Explain the benefits and policies. 15. Touch base on the expectations. 16. Connect them with the right resources and people.

17. Schedule regular check-ins. 18. Get social and create space to build bonds. 19. Collect feedback.