Build A Winning People Development Strategy In 5 Steps

Understand your organisation’s learning maturity.

Step One:

Use Josh Bersin's four-level L&D maturity model

Level 1 – Incidental training. Level 2 – Training & Development Excellence.

Level 3 – Talent and Performance Improvement Level 4 – Organizational Capability Development

Carry out a skills audit and learning needs analysis.

Step Two:

In a nutshell, the process means identifying which skills will be needed to reach the company’s goals and auditing the current skills to understand the gap between the two. 

Speak to your people and understand their aspirations.

Step Three:

According to Right Management, “82% of respondents said they would be more engaged in work if managers had regular career conversations with them.”

And yet only 16% stated their managers are having regular chats about their progression.

Speak to your people and understand their aspirations.

Step Four:

There’s always a temptation to do more! A a misconception that if we’re going to be seen as having an impact, we need to create visibility by continually giving people new knowledge. 

Rather than output, focus on outcomes! How is learning going to make someone better at their job or help us solve a challenge?

Build out your development pathways.

Step Five:

By now, you’ll know your company’s and people’s goals, have a strong understanding of your limitations and organisational maturity, and understand the skills gaps.

Essentially, you’ve got the foundation to build a company-wide people development strategy and those personalised pathways for individual employees.