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Why we’re different

Looking to transform learning? Here are a few questions to ask.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

Does your platform dynamically curate content?
Static libraries are so last decade. HowNow curates the best blogs, podcasts, videos, courses, workshops, market insights and books in real-time so you don’t have to. 
Are you driving engagement to your internal resources?No one wants to spend time going through different tools to find different types of knowledge. That’s why HowNow brings together and autonomously organises all of your knowledge from a variety of sources including shared drives, CRMs, LMSes, helpdesks and task management tools. 
Are you able to easily share knowledge? 
A top down approach to learning no longer works. Empower your teams to share knowledge and collaborate with HowNow’s built-in content creation tools.Are you able to deliver personalised learning experiences?Say goodbye to one-size-fits all learning. With HowNow, get relevant knowledge recommendations based on your business goals, skill requirements, learning preferences, benchmark data and context. 
Do you have a global search for knowledge?
Whether you’re looking for playbook or policies, with HowNow you can search all your internal and curated external knowledge from a single unified search.
Does your platform deliver learning in the flow of work?Context switching kills productivity. That’s why HowNow delivers AI-powered knowledge suggestions based on your context, directly within CRMs, helpdesks, chat tools and everywhere else you work. 
Do you offer mobile learning and knowledge sharing?Why you ask? Because it’s 2019. With HowNow you easily add content from your mobile and get access to everything from product updates to market insights where ever you are.
Do you effectively track and manage your learning spend?Time to put away those spreadsheets and use HowNow’s smart digital wallet to manage your team’s learning spend and to track ROI.Do you measure the impact of learning?HowNow helps you identify knowledge gaps, see what types of knowledge drive revenue, report on the accuracy of your internal content and understand how your teams are developing.
Want to see the difference for yourself?We’ll be happy to give you a demo and show you around HowNow.

With HowNow we have managed to build a continuous learning culture that motivates our teams.Jim JoyceHead of Training