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Tech moves fast, your team can learn faster.

Bring all your resources together in HowNow and create a consistent library that your tech team can find in the flow of work. One that builds skills, taps into internal experts and integrates with the tools they already use.

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Keep your tech team in the know.

When best practices, systems and software change, your tech teams need to stay in the loop. Centralise your resources and shared knowledge in HowNow, and they’ll be able to search for it in their moments of need.

Your resources surfaced as you search online.
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Learn from your most tech-savvy.

20% of what people learn at work comes from their colleagues. HowNow empowers you to harness the power of social learning, by enabling top performers to share knowledge, best practices and their experiences.

Onboard new starters, smarter.

Get your techies up to speed sooner, by connecting them with the relevant resources, colleagues and learning pathways they need to progress. In HowNow, create practice scenarios and tests to determine when they’re ready.

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Build tech skills, build people.

If you’re going to progress, you need to understand what people are capable of and the talents they’re missing. HowNow lets you measure your current skills and benchmark them to work out your skills gap. Then, you just create the personalised learning needed to close it.

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