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Tag: Leadership

Leading And Learning In Flat Organisations

Podcast | Leading And Learning In Flat Organisations

​Flat hierarchies, often celebrated because they’re great for employees. But what do they mean for leaders and L&D teams? ​Ally Jones (Leadership Coach) and Chichi Eruchalu (Head of Leadership Development, Multiverse) are joined us live to answer that very question. ​From why leaders are people we want to follow and

Leadership Skills For New Managers: 7 Ways To Build Them

It’s a classic challenge in fast-growing companies. Your headcount is catching up with how quickly you’re evolving, and that inevitably means new leadership positions open up! A lot of the time that means promoting from within or hiring someone for their first managerial role.  But being a new leader is

Want to lead with impact and intent Start with your awareness gap!

Leading With Impact: Start With The Awareness Gap

Our intentions when we behave a certain way and how those land don’t always match up!  Luckily, you’re not alone. All leaders fall foul of what Ally Jones describes as The Awareness Gap – the difference between the two. A clear chasm between the positive intentions we have when we

Four leadership trends successful managers must follow in 2022

Leadership Trends For Successful Managers

  Now more than ever, people need effective leaders! The situation we expected to pose a few weeks of problems back in March 2020 is throwing more questions at us than an eccentric Batman villain in a green suit. And the last thing you need is another riddle around the

Leadership development training

Leadership Development Training For Managers At All Levels

Not every great leader planned to become one, but they’ve probably been on the receiving end of some great leadership planning! Whether it’s being paired with a great mentor, given the chance to lead on a project or sent on an amazing course, leadership development training is so often the

Creating a leadership development plan that takes you right to the top

Leadership Development Plan: How To Build A Great One

Management isn’t something you just decide to do. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and Caesar’s leadership skills certainly weren’t either! Instead, the key to doing a leadership title justice is a well-thought-out plan.  Your leadership development plan lays out the necessary steps you’ll need to take

How to develop leadership skills in style! 6 traits you need and a template to get there

How To Develop Leadership Skills: The Only Template You Need

  Are some people just born to lead? Perhaps. But is that to say that if you haven’t made it as a manager yet, you never will? Absolutely not. Leadership skills are those essential traits and competencies that all successful leaders share — and they are well within your reach.