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Ramp up quickly with your new LXP

Onboarding with a new learning platform can be intimidating but we’ve got an awesome playbook and a team of HowNow pros to get you in motion.

We’ll kick off with a call to bring the project team together, define goals, set objectives and lay out a timeline. We’ll also follow up after each Live Workshop, giving you tailored advice to keep you focused.


“The regular and well-rounded team catch-ups which kept it moving along at a time when it would have otherwise ground to a halt, if I wasn’t spurred on by the implementation team!”

- Akila J, Contino
Get your entire team up to speed

Get your entire team up to speed

Live Workshops help you use engagement as the driving force for ROI. Beyond launch, we’ll train champions, team leads and C-Suite to become HowNow experts too.

Minimize time spent answering repeat questions with technical support available 24/5 for your people.

“Expert guidance and a team of HowNow professionals willing to support our various and custom use cases”

- Kayshia K, ORC

Match HowNow to your business need

We’re not just here to get you onboarded. Developing adoption strategies tailored to your needs and driving impact is the role of our Customer Success team. Ensuring you’re seeing ROI no matter what.

Manage the challenge of migrating from your legacy platform. Adjust to new reporting, metrics, platform management and apps to equip you with the knowledge you need.


“We got support to design the system based on our needs and the HowNow team was nice and fun to work with.”

- Isabella D, Xoomworks

Integrate, automate and engage

Let us look after the technical jobs, so you can focus on your day job. Implementation leads help you configure HowNow to meet your unique requirements.

Our live workshops explain in-depth how our integrations work in real, simple terms. Save yourself the head-scratching with templates to get the technical work done and dusted.

Keep everything flowing smoothly. We include maintenance and technical updates when your integrated tools make changes on their side, removing any friction.

We’ve got you covered with success
from day one


Live Workshops

Equip yourself (and your team!) with best practices and ongoing support.


Chat Support

No need to field user questions with a super support team for all of your people. Available 24/5.


Support Centre

Get the guides, FAQs and cheat sheets
you need with 200+ articles.


Dedicated Success Manager

Identify continued ROI with a partner
directly linked to your success.


Personal Sessions

Keep up with changing business priorities with customised, targeted sessions.


Onboarding Support

Keep your onboarding focused on your need with Kick-Off and Post Workshop check-ins

Priced just for you

Sprout £1500/year Blossom
Our customers love this one!
Evergreen £4200/year
Live Workshops
Chat Support
Support Centre
SSO & HRIS Integration
Dedicated Success Manager
Onboarding Support Kick-Off Call Kick-Off Call Post Workshop Check-Ins
Content Integrations 1 Integration 6 Integrations
Success Check-Ins Quarterly Monthly
Personal Sessions 4 Hours 24 Hours

Get additional add-ons

Additional HRIS, SSO or Content Integrations

Additional Personal Sessions

£1200 per Integration
£750 for 4 Hours