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We use Artificial Intelligence to enable teams to drive revenue, stay relevant and be productive.
Drive productivity
Workers spend 20% of their time looking for knowhow they need. HowNow reduces this to almost 0%. For every £1 that a company spends in training and enablement, it realises an estimated £30 worth of productivity.
Knowledge you can trust
Your single source of up-to-date, verified and curated knowledge including self-directed learning, performance support and mandatory training.
Identify knowledge gaps
Strategically allocate resources to address knowledge gaps with real-time data about your workforce.
Increase employee retention
Two in three workers quit due to a lack of learning and development opportunities.  The cost to replace an employee is 50%-250% of annual salary and benefits. Keep your best talent by investing in them.
Create workplace memory
When your employees leave they take everything they learned with them. That’s a leaky bucket. Enable knowledge sharing and capture learning from the job.
Increase learning velocity
Add learning to the workflow to enable continuous learning and foster the growth mindset to identify opportunities.
Effective onboarding
HowNow improves new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent by supplementing in-person onboarding.
Futureproof your team
From podcasts and blogs to courses and meetups, futureproof your team by with curated and relevant learning from external subject matter experts.
Attract great talent
Learning is the 2nd most-desired workplace benefit. What better way to attract great talent than to add a layer of knowledge across the entire workflow.
Measure your impact
Track everything to easily report on impact and ROI. Companies who offer digital learning and on-the-job training generate 26% more revenue per employee.
Drive employee engagement
A more engaged workforce drives business results. Companies with high employee engagement are 12% more profitable and 18% more productive than competitors.
Reduce search times
Workers spend 20% of their time looking for knowhow they need. HowNow reduces this to almost 0% with a single interface for all knowledge.

Tools don’t build businesses, people do. 
We enable those people.

HowNow has transformed learning and knowledge management at our company.
James Joyce
Head of Training
It’s ease of use, platform options and support team has made this transition very easy and enjoyable. It is a great product!
Steve Beadle
Head of Performance Development
Everything is in one place and we can track and ensure employees are getting knowledge they need, when they need it.
Corey Marker
L&D Manager
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HowNow is a AI-powered knowledge platform. We’re using AI to better humans, not replace them.

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