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Podcast | Leveraging Technology to Enrich Learning with Jeni Brown

L&D in the hybrid world of work has its challenges, but also lots of opportunities! In this episode we’re joined by Jeni Brown, Chief People Officer at Teamwork, the team collaboration software used by over 350,000 organisations. Listen in as we discuss how L&D can leverage technology to create a digital-first learning culture that helps people navigate this new world of work. 

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Running Order 

01:19 Pivoting to hybrid working 

03:20 Digital first onboarding 

05:53 Communicating culture remotely 

07:49 The need for content creation 

12:14 Measuring performance 

14:55 Outcomes over output 

16:55 The evolution of collaborative learning 

19:31 Ensuring successful buy-in 

24:07 Quickfire round

Key learnings

How can I make sure people are still getting a feel for the culture in a remote setting? 

Jeni argues that digitalising onboarding actually elevates and improves the ability to create a culture, because instead of spending lots of time time showing new employees the basics (applying for expenses, annual leave etc), you’re giving them the power to do this in their own time and get the info as and when they need it.

This in turn creates the space to get creative and be very intentional about leveraging technology to connect in meaningful ways. Jeni talks about including initiatives such as coffee roulette or coffee with the founders as part of Teamwork’s onboarding process – what other ideas could work for you?

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