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Podcast | 6 Things to Prioritise when Implementing your L&D Strategy

We’re shaking things up in this episode as we’re joined by HowNow’s very own Head of Customer Success, Lulu Dermeche. Lulu has tons experience helping customers to implement L&D, so we’re making the most of her expertise to help you successfully launch your L&D strategy!

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Running Order 

02:13 Are you communicating the ‘why’? (1)

04:46 Thinking like a marketer! (2)

06:40 Involve your stakeholders at the right time (3)

08:56 Examples of great marketing 

11:12 Finding your L&D champions (4)

15:25 Focus in on the problems you want to solve (5)

20:58 Get employees creating content (6)

22:52 Everybody is knowledgable! 

Key learnings

1. People don’t buy what you do – they buy why you do it! L&D’s ‘why’ – helping you become more successful at what you do every day – is an idea that everyone in the company can get behind! You need to communicate this across the business when you launch your L&D strategy.

2. Are you getting your internal customers excited about your offering? Think like a marketer and don’t sell your strategy short. Why not get the marketing team involved to really help you push this?

3. Reduce cross-functional confusion by getting key stakeholders involved from the get-go. To really pack a punch with your L&D launch it’s vital that everyone is on the same page and shares the same expectations.

4. Choose champions within the business to help educate and empower employees to start knowledge sharing. Your champions don’t need to be in leadership roles, just look for someone with social influence who can really help make an impact.

5. Slow and steady wins the race! Structure implementation around solving 2 or 3 specific problems and build from there, rather than a big blanket approach.

6. Get people from within the business to create and share content – straight away this is going to be relevant to the company! Social learning is personal and powerful.

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