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Pluralsight Review: Features, Pricing, User Insights And More

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that helps individuals and businesses develop their tech creative, and business skills through a library of 7,000 courses. 

However, if you look at user feedback, many courses lack the depth and quality needed to truly master a topic and there are also question marks around whether there’s too much content for it to be discoverable and usable at the point of need.

Some of the key features of Pluralsight include a personalised learning experience, with tailored course recommendations based on your skills and interests, skill assessments to measure your proficiency and identify knowledge gaps, interactive exercises and quizzes to reinforce learning, and certificates of completion to showcase your achievements. 

What do people like and dislike about Pluralsight?

Based on the reviews on Capterra and G2, some of the common dislikes that users have about Pluralsight include:

  • Course Quality: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of courses, stating that they lack depth or are too basic.
  • Course Structure: A few users have complained about the structure of the courses, saying that they are poorly organised, and difficult to follow.
  • Navigation: Some users find the website and app difficult to navigate, making it challenging to find relevant courses.
  • Customer Service: A few users have reported poor customer service experiences, including slow response times and unhelpful support staff.
  • Technical Issues: Some users have encountered technical problems, such as videos not playing correctly or course material not loading properly.
  • Subscription Model: Some users have criticised the subscription-based model, stating that it can be costly, and some of the features are not worth the price.

It’s worth noting that these are only a few of the common criticisms, and the overall satisfaction with Pluralsight is generally positive. Reflected in these commonly-loved features within reviews:

  • Course Variety: Users appreciate the vast selection of courses available on Pluralsight, which cover a wide range of topics and are taught by industry experts.
  • Personalised Learning: Many users enjoy the personalised learning experience on Pluralsight, which provides tailored course recommendations based on their skills and interests, and allows them to track their progress.
  • Quality Content: Many users find the course content on Pluralsight to be of high quality, with well-structured lessons and practical exercises that help them to apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

What’s Pluralsight’s pricing like?

Skills by Pluralsight, which helps you ”Empower your team to develop business-critical tech skills by building custom learning channels tailored to your team’s needs.”, operates on three tiers:

  • Starter (offering access to their core library and starting from £24.09 per user per month).
  • Professional (basic reporting and user analytics for teams alongside the full library, starting from £36.57 per user per month).
  • Enterprise (offering greater flexibility and analytics, you’ll need to contact sales for pricing).

Pluralsight vs HowNow: Your LXP alternative for more learner engagement 

What is HowNow? And how is it different to Pluralsight?

HowNow is the learning experience platform (LXP) that makes meaningful learning a part of everyday work. Allowing you to create, deliver, manage and measure all your learning in one place.

The result? Get 5x more engagement than a traditional LMS, and here’s how we do it…

Create a single home for learning

HowNow creates a single home for learning by bringing together your scattered resources, information and learning. Integrating with your storage and content libraries, HowNow also provides a unified, single search for learning.

And through integrations with the tools your people use everyday (like Slack, MS Teams, HubSpot, Intercom and even their Google Browser), we bring learning to people’s moments of needs and flow of work.

Create, delegate and share knowledge

Empower leaders and SMEs to create and verify content, helping build compound and contextual knowledge related to your business and its people. Our Nuggets remove the friction typically associated with content creation, allowing you to leverage your best people and their brains.

Scale learning without the admin headaches

Whether it’s automated workflows, custom rules or content recommendations based on someone’s role and goals, HowNow automates tedious and admin-heavy L&D tasks. 

Measure skills, identify gaps and close them to drive impact

Map the skills in your team and build profiles for every individual employee. HowNow helps you measure and close skills gaps through self- and peer-reviews that provide a 360-degree view for each person. 

With a clearer understanding of which skills need improving to drive business performance, you can deliver relevant learning to improve L&D’s influence on company goals. 

Report fatigue? Take a break

Analyse all your L&D data in a single dashboard and gain learning insights that allow you to communicate what matters to your key stakeholders. Combine proof of knowledge, skill and performance to build a clear picture of L&D’s influence.

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