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Unlock new opportunities, differentiate your services, and grow your business as a our partner.


Content Partners

Maximise your content. By integrating your learning content with us, HowNow content subscription helps you to increase revenue while providing unique insights from our users.


Referral Partners

Make engaging with your network profitable. Introduce your contacts to a learning platform they’ll love and help them succeed with their learning, upskilling and productivity – plus earn revenue share from all of your referrals!


Integration Partners

Enhance our joint customer experience. Connect your system to ours and provide a seamless platform experience.

Reach out to our Partnerships Team

    Dedicated Support.

    Ongoing operations and
    support of HowNow learning
    technologies, software,

    Sales Enablement.

    Access to training workshops,
    enablement tools and thought
    leadership articles.

    Marketing Collateral.

    Tailored resources to help you
    sell, promote and support our
    joint offering.