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This is what learning would look like if it was built today

User-first. Personalised. Inherently Social. In your workflow. HowNow is more than just a pretty face. It is your all-in-one platform for driving performance and development at scale.

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Workplace learning before HowNow…

Learning is scattered.

Too much time wasted searching for relevant knowledge and learning resources. Even motivated employees can’t find what they need!

Disconnected from work.

People cannot find the time to learn and enrol onto long courses. Context-switching to find relevant resources is killing productivity.

Lack of personalisation.

Diverse learning needs are not addressed by a one-size-fits-all approach. As a result, people disengage because their needs are unmet.

Employees not engaged.

If given the choice employees would not use a LMS to learn so you can’t build a continuous learning culture around a tool no one wants to use.

No real impact.

Organisations are unable to identify skills gaps and track skills progression. Course completion rates don’t help managers better support their team.

Knowledge is lost.

You’re not enabling knowledge sharing or capturing knowledge exchanged in tool like Slack so you’re losing valuable knowledge every time someone leaves.

…and after HowNow.

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Learn at the speed of business.

Engage from day one

Setup your new starters for success from day one with a single source of truth that includes personalised learning pathways and access to internal experts and best practices.

Onboarding that scales

Run quizzes and certifications to ensure your new starters are ready. Track and support their development from day one with a better understanding of what they know and don’t know.

Develop your talent and close skills gaps.

Know your people

Measure the skills your have in your team and give continuous feedback through skills rating. Go beyond tracking completion rates to track your people’s growth and skills progression.

Drive real results

Build business-critical skills quickly and empower individuals to take control of their own development with personalised learning experiences that close your skills gaps.
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Screen Shot 2020 02 08 at 23.02.33

Work smarter, faster, together.

Eliminate information silos

Capture knowledge from everywhere you work. Cut down repeat questions. Empower internal experts to coach and mentor. Never lose valuable knowledge again. 

Drive productivity

Embed learning into the apps where your people already work so they can learn at the point of need. Drive your team’s performance with contextually relevant, intelligent learning suggestions.

Works for every team…

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Bring everyone onto the same page and build a continuous learning culture.

linkedin sales navigator YDVdprpgHv4 unsplash scaled


Enable reps with collective know how, cut down ramp up time and turn your sales team into experts.

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Customer Service

Train and enable your support team with all the knowledge they need to create great customer experiences. 

sam carter 7CLhWMdNaIQ unsplash scaled


Centralise your marketing knowledge and upskill your team on the latest growth hacks and strategies. 

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Upskill your devs on the latest technologies, share best practices and track their skills progression. 

…and works for the most forward-thinking companies in the world.

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We’ll stop teasing.

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