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L&D Disrupt is launching this November!

The learning and development space is constantly transforming, but are you evolving with it? We’re incredibly excited to be re-launching our podcast this month, and we’re more passionate than ever about speaking to the people who are reshaping L&D within their organisations right now.

L&D Disrupt helps you hurdle your workplace challenges, stay ahead of the trends and accelerate your career! Our weekly podcast, hosted by HowNow CEO and Co-Founder Nelson Sivalingam, promises to bring you insights that you can apply on the job. From expert guests to powerful panels and everything in between – we will delve into the high, lows, successes and failures to get to the real nitty gritty stuff you actually care about. 

We are NOT just another B2B podcast that you half pay attention to while doing tasks – we promise to be exciting, engaging, and genuinely enjoyable (everything work should be, right?). Think of us as your learning and development pals! We can’t wait for you to join us every Tuesday to share in our learning, so watch the trailer, and subscribe on whichever platform suits you best… 

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