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Connect your HRIS to learning with HiBob and HowNow

Sync your employee data with our LXP to create better learning experiences! Save time, make learning relevant and automate its delivery.

Safely. Securely. Accurately.

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Who are HiBob and HowNow?

HiBob is the HRIS that helps you organise all your employee data, HowNow is the learning experience platform that puts it to work!

We’ll help you deliver the right resources to the right people in the right moments, all through one simple integration between your HR data and employee development.

Why should I use HiBob and HowNow together?

What do all of these activities have in common?

  • When someone new joins the company, there are resources you need to send them.
  • If someone switches teams, training and content will have to be completed.
  • Mandatory training needs to be completed at an employee milestone, and you have to work out who, when and how it’ll be done.

The answer is time – they normally take up too much of it.

Integrating HowNow and HiBob automatically syncs your employee data, meaning you can automate those time-consuming tasks AND connect people to relevant learning.

Automate the
onboarding process.

New employees are automatically added and their data is transferred from HiBob to HowNow, meaning you can automatically invite them to your learning space. Set rules for sending content based on start date, ensuring content that’s relevant to every employee is sent to every employee.

Assign relevant
learning content
to employee groups.

Automatically create learning groups based on departments and job roles, allowing you to deliver the right content to the right people.

Deliver content
based on custom rules.

Create specific learning rules based on multiple data points in HiBob. Imagine you need to send a course to every marketing employee that’s joined since September, we’ll help you build that custom rule.

HowNow custom rules
Find relevant resources in HowNow

Save time.
Drive efficiency.
Ensure accuracy.

HowNow securely syncs with HiBob, ensuring that your learning platform is continuously updated. You’ll never have to manage department switches or role updates in your learning platform again.

What HiBob say:

How do HiBob and
HowNow work together?

  • Connect HiBob and HowNow a custom API integration built for your needs.
  • Let us take care of mapping your employee data in learner profiles and groups.
  • Deliver learning content based on rules you create.
  • Put the kettle on, we’ll take care of updating those records with 24-hour syncs.

HowNow also
integrates with:

Sage HR

Connect HowNow with Sage HR so you can sync your employee data directly and securely.


Connect HowNow with Cezanne HR so you can sync your employee data directly and securely.


Connect HowNow with intelliHR so you can sync your employee data directly and securely.

FAQS about HiBob and

How often do HiBob and HowNow sync?

Every 24 hours, automatically.

Does the sync happen in both direction?

Nope! Your HiBob data is sent to HowNow and acts a single source of truth. Any changes made to learner data in HowNow will not be reflected in Hibob.

Will new employees be added automatically?

Absolutely! Each time HiBob and HowNow sync, data about new joiners will be sent over and they’ll be added to relevant learning groups.

What about leavers?

Same principle applies. They leave, we sync, both platforms are up to date.

What happens if job titles and employee department changes in HiBob?

We’ll automatically make those changes in HowNow, meaning your learning rules remain relevant and you can create new ones with ease.

Can I see how it works?

Sure! If this page hasn’t answered all of your questions, book a demo below and one of our team will be in touch 👇

See HiBob and
HowNow in action