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Tools don’t build successful businesses, people do.

Your tech is useless until people adopt it. With HowNow, automatically surface relevant learning resources in the flow of work to drive faster adoption, more self-sufficiency and higher productivity.

Trusted by 10,000+ teams at forward-thinking learning organisations

Ramp up faster.

Create simple, self-paced onboarding resources in minutes to help users gain immediate proficiency with your tech stack. Combine micro how-to videos and real-time, on-screen guidance to drive faster adoption.

Find relevant resources in HowNow
Creating knowledge Nuggets in HowNow

Get content from the experts.

We autonomously curate the very best in product education from the web so you don’t need to waste time creating it. Empower your people to go beyond just learning the tools to learning about the role itself.

Liberate your people with self-sufficiency.

HowNow’s guidance tools ingrain expertise and proficiency in employees and provide proactive assistance when and where users need it while promoting a culture of self-reliance.

Your resources surfaced as you search online.
Finding knowledge you need within the Slack app

Learn faster, work smarter. 

Spend less time searching and more time doing your actual job. HowNow automatically surfaces relevant job aids across the apps where you already work so you can handle any process change or new tool that’s introduced.

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