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Grow skills that will keep your customers happy.

From customer success to support, enable your teams to shorten response times, drive upsells and provide a better customer experience.

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We’re powering talent at the most forward-thinking companies.

Ramp up faster.

When onboarding is done right, it results in 54% greater productivity. With HowNow, connect your new reps with relevant learning pathways and resources on demand so they can learn, practice and perform – faster.

HowNow intelligent learning platform

Retain more customers.

Better trained people create better customer experiences and happy customers stay with you. Drive customer satisfaction and retention through personalised learning pathways that empower your Customer Success and Support teams.

Reduce customer response times.

Empower your Customer Support teams on the frontline to answers questions quickly and accurately with on-demand access to relevant knowledge right where they work – in their inbox, helpdesk, on call, in Slack and anywhere else they need it.

Track your progress.

Measure your Customer Support team’s skills through self-review, peer-review and certification and identify the skills gaps holding them back. Help your reps build confidence through practicing customer interactions, and get coaching and feedback through HowNow.

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