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Webinar recording: What Should Workplace Learning Look Like Today?

Work’s changed, it’s about time workplace learning did too! The fastest learner wins in uncertain times and fast-changing markets, but workplace learning technologies just haven’t kept up or enabled a continuous learning culture.

Well, this webinar recording will talk you through the principles needed to build a fastest learner wins culture, so hit play and get ready to learn how workplace learning should look today!

What you’ll learn by watching this recording!

Why you need to build a fastest learner wins culture

If you’re going to help people learn at speed and scale, there’s two hurdles you need to overcome: time as a barrier to learning and that the rate of disruption typically happens faster than the rate of learning. 

A good place to start is with first principles, or boiling things down to the fundamental truth of what you need and building from that – not your existing assumptions. For example, people tend to go to market looking for an LMS because they assume that’s the right tool, but they fail to look at what they need now or what their learning would look like if they built it from scratch.

The need for knowledge to travel in multiple directions

It should be omni-directional and not top-down, because the latter normally just reflects the organisation hierarchy which assumes you can only learn from someone in a senior position. This overlooks the diversity of skills in your teams, emerging talents and experiences of people throughout the company. That’s why you should encourage knowledge to flow in multiple directions.

The power of active practice over passive learning

When COVID struck, a lot of people just moved their offline efforts, courses and classroom sessions to an online format through tools like Zoom. However, they didn’t question whether that was really the best tactic. Sure, it’s the best way to teach and distribute information, but it’s not exactly the best way to learn. From discussions in live sessions to asking people to put what they’ve learned into practice, you’ll learn it in this session. 

All about learning in the now, not out of context

Typically, you might hear it referred to as learning in the flow of work but it’s essentially timely learning at your point of need. If we’re going to enable effective learning transfer, it makes sense that people can apply the knowledge immediately or fairly quickly – not months later or in a disconnected platform. When people can see the instant value and experience that rapid reward for learning, they’re more motivated to continue doing it.

And lots more about how workplace learning should look today!

From segmenting your workforce based on the challenges they face and then working out how to solve those for them, to the importance of measuring more than just completion as you use data to drive your learning strategy.