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Live webinar: What Should Workplace Learning Look Like Today?

Work’s changed, it’s about time workplace learning did too! The fastest learner wins in uncertain times and fast-changing markets, but workplace learning technologies just haven’t kept up or enabled a continuous learning culture.

What Should Workplace Learning Look Like Today_

Sign up for this session and HowNow CEO and Co-Founder Nelson Sivalingam will teach you how learning would look if it was built today. He’ll also be taking your questions live.

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  • How do we know workplace learning is broken?
  • What has changed and why?
  • What you can do about it.
  • What are the ingredients of a progressive learning culture?
  • Live Q&A.

Who’s this session for?

You want people to look at your learning platform the way they glance at a waiter bringing food over, not an L&D strategy that disappoints as much as seeing that plate heading for the next table!

Joking aside, this session’s for anyone who wants to revamp their approach for the modern learner. HR, L&D, business leaders, curious minds – if you’ve even got a suspicion you’re doing something outdated, you should sign up now.

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