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Telcoinabox: Delivering product knowledge from wholesalers to resellers

Jim Joyce, Telcoinabox – Sales & Regulatory Manager

When your resellers are the middleman between your company and the end user, how can you ensure product knowledge is effectively delivered to those making sales? This was the dilemma faced by Telcoinabox, who needed a way of delivering product knowledge training and accreditation, without physically bringing resellers in for sessions.

As Jim Joyce explains, HowNow enables Telcoinabox customers to “learn at their leisure” and navigate a smoother learning curve than the one they were ascending before. Gone are the days of emails and documents sent through in dribs and drabs, today they simply log in to the HowNow platform and find everything they need in one place.

The ability to provide training and gain accreditation through e-learning is part of why they’re “very pleased with our relationship and our partnership with HowNow” and “…with the choice we made”.

Capturing Jim’s thoughts

Telcoinabox is an aggregator and wholesaler of telecom services, anything from a mobile phone all the way up to broadband and wideband services. Our customers are actually resellers, we don’t actually sell to the end user—our resellers do that and we provide them with wholesale products.

One of the key issues that we were experiencing was actually passing on product knowledge to our resellers. That really meant we had to bring them in for training and get them accredited, that way they could go out and actually sell the products.

HowNow enables us to provide e-learning, where they can learn at their leisure. We can prepare those courses in line with their need [and] we can give them the accreditation they require to sell those products.

Through the support we receive from HowNow, we can pass on any information we need to our resellers and enable their learning curve to be a lot easier than what it was previously, where they were receiving emails, documents etc. These days, they just log on to a platform and they can learn at their leisure.

We are very pleased with our relationship and our partnership with HowNow. We’ve been very well supported so far [and] we hope that this continues. We knew from the start that we’d picked the right partner, HowNow were the people that responded the quickest, they gave us the best information, and we’re very pleased with the choice we made.

You can check out more success stories here. If you’re ready to take HowNow for a spin, sign up for a free trial of our intelligent learning platform.