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Webinar recording The State Of Sales Training In 2022

Webinar recording | The State Of Sales Training In 2022

61% of salespeople feel underappreciated, let’s make sure that’s not the case in 2022! From thriving in remote settings to mastering social selling, there’s plenty of ways to put smiles on their faces and ensure people are learning at the speed of change. Our expert panel discussed the challenges you

Webinar | Setting And Managing Learning Or Training Budgets

Webinar | Setting And Managing Learning Or Training Budgets

How should you be spending your learning or training budget? If you let employees look after the learning pennies, will the return on your pounds take care of itself? If you tie everything up in a course library, will people actually use it? And if you’re too strict on deadlines,

Using Data To Drive Your L&D Strategy

Webinar recording: Using Data To Drive Your L&D Strategy

When it comes to learning data, you’ve got to dig a little deeper! Ditch the old habits of just accepting the numbers an LMS or some other platform spits out and start thinking about which metrics matter to you. Especially when you think that data can tell you what’s important

What should workplace learning look like today?

Webinar recording: What Should Workplace Learning Look Like Today?

Work’s changed, it’s about time workplace learning did too! The fastest learner wins in uncertain times and fast-changing markets, but workplace learning technologies just haven’t kept up or enabled a continuous learning culture. Well, this webinar recording will talk you through the principles needed to build a fastest learner wins

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Webinar Recording | How To Train And Enable Your Sales Team

91% of sales reps believe that peer learning will help them succeed! But it’s not everything. That social learning needs a helpful playbook, tools that give your reps sales superpowers and a plan to streamline the sales process. This webinar recording covers it all: The Do’s and Don’ts of onboarding

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Webinar Recording | Creating A Killer Onboarding Course

Killer onboarding is like saying nice to meet you and actually meaning it! It’s how you make a newbie feel welcome, give them the tools to get them up to speed faster and connect them with the right people. But you’ve got to give it that personal touch and make