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Tag: Productivity

The Future of HR Shared Services

The Future of HR Shared Services | Whitepaper summary

Is HR Shared Services simply a behind the scenes function? Supporting the administrative side of things and focusing on the ‘hygiene factors’ of HR? Well, that’s the perception LACE Partners set out to challenge when they interviewed 25 global HR Shared Service directors from leading Private Sector and Financial Services

HowNow is the intelligent learning platform your HR tech stack needs

5 ways HowNow helps you learn in the flow of work

How much do you get done in just 1% of your average working week? Probably not that much, right? Maybe a bit of prep work or catching up on a few emails, but nothing major. Well, research shows the average person slows down to learn for less than 25 minutes

10 of the best tools to help your team work from home

With everything that’s going on in the world at present making things a little uncertain, most of us are choosing to work from home to avoid Coronavirus.  For many, this has been a non-negotiable change that has been enforced by the powers that be as businesses choose to protect their

Can you improve a person’s work ethic?

A work ethic refers to a person’s attitude to work, and their personal values surrounding what it means to work hard. We all have slightly differing opinions on what a strong work ethic looks like, but most of us agree that you need a strong work ethic in order to