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design thinking

Podcast | Design Thinking and L&D with Sarah Stevenson

A phrase we always hear getting thrown around in the L&D space is ‘putting the learner first’, but how many people proactively design a strategy to meet employees’ needs, rather than just the needs of the business? 🤔 In the latest L&D Disrupt drop we’re joined by someone who is

applying marketing to L&D

Podcast | Applying Marketing to L&D with Hannah Waddams

Picture this – you’ve spent weeks crafting an unforgettable learning experience, finally engaging employees in an exciting way and making a real difference to the L&D strategy within your company. The day arrives. You launch it, you wait, you wait some more… and nothing happens. You were sure this would

Podcast | Scaling L&D in High Growth Organisations with Deb Gallo

Deb Gallo, Learning & Development Director at SentinelOne, joins us on this episode of L&D Disrupt to discuss the highlights and challenges of scaling L&D in a high growth organisation. Deb shares fantastic advice on a wide range of topics, from managing the changing requirements of a fast-growing business, to

Podcast | Serving the Internal Customer with Doug Ellin

In this week’s episode of L&D Disrupt we speak with Doug Ellin – People Partner L&D at GoHenry. Doug is incredibly passionate about serving the internal customer, and shares his experiences of using this insight to carve out successful, tailored L&D solutions. Throughout the conversation we cover everything from getting