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The 7 Best Alternatives to SAP Litmos

The 7 best SAP Litmos alternatives

We’ve not got a crystal ball, but we’re guessing that you’ve either used SAP Litmos or had a look at it, and it’s not done quite enough to convince you. Well, either way, you’re in need a good list of alternatives – one that talks you through the pros and

7 alternatives to LearnUpon

The 7 best LearnUpon alternatives

Looking at LearnUpon? Maybe you’ve already given it a go and decided it’s not the LMS for you? Whatever drove you to this post, we’re here to help! We’ll talk you through some pros and cons for LearnUpon, before doing the same for seven alternative platforms and systems. What’s the

The 7 best Degreed alternatives

The 7 best Degreed alternatives

Degreed not what you need? Or has someone planted the seed that there’s a better way to lead your learning culture? Whatever led you to this point, you’ll be pleased to let you know we’ll be walking you through the pros and cons of Degreed and seven alternative learning systems

Is the LMS a sinking ship? and is the learning platform a lifeboat

Is the LMS a sinking ship? And are learning platforms the lifeboat?

“Compliance might save you from a lawsuit, but it won’t save you from disruption”. Is this the idea that’s caused a crisis of confidence in the traditional learning management system? That’s how our CEO and Co-Founder Nelson Sivalingam described the situation when he joined Rita Trehan on the Daring To

8 of the best alternatives to Docebo

The 7 best Docebo alternatives

So, Docebo’s caught your eye but it’s not quite captured your heart? That’s okay, learning love at first sight is a real thing, and you’ll know the right platform when you see it! Or maybe you’ve already tried it and you’re ready for a change? Either way, a little window

Upgrading L&D for the 21st century

How to upgrade L&D for the 21st Century

“Most traditional learning and development solutions involve taking you out of your workflow, to some clunky L&D platform that pushes learning onto you and… learning becomes a chore.”  Pretty strong introduction, right? Well, that’s how Nasos Papadopoulos opened his episode of the MetaLearn podcast with our CEO and Co-Founder Nelson