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Tag: Learning Technology

The 7 Best Alternatives to SAP Litmos

The 7 best SAP Litmos alternatives

We’ve not got a crystal ball, but we’re guessing that you’ve either used SAP Litmos or had a look at it, and it’s not done quite enough to convince you. Well, either way, you’re in need a good list of alternatives to this learning management system (LMS) – one that

Is the LMS a sinking ship? and is the learning platform a lifeboat

Is the LMS a sinking ship? And are learning platforms the lifeboat?

  “Compliance might save you from a lawsuit, but it won’t save you from disruption”. Is this the idea that’s caused a crisis of confidence in the traditional learning management system? That’s how our CEO and Co-Founder Nelson Sivalingam described the situation when he joined Rita Trehan on the Daring

8 of the best alternatives to Docebo

The 7 best Docebo alternatives

So, Docebo’s caught your eye but it’s not quite captured your heart? That’s okay, learning love at first sight is a real thing, and you’ll know the right platform when you see it! Or maybe you’ve already tried it and you’re ready for a change? Either way, a little window

Upgrading L&D for the 21st century

How to upgrade L&D for the 21st Century

“Most traditional learning and development solutions involve taking you out of your workflow, to some clunky L&D platform that pushes learning onto you and… learning becomes a chore.”  Pretty strong introduction, right? Well, that’s how Nasos Papadopoulos opened his episode of the MetaLearn podcast with our CEO and Co-Founder Nelson

How AI-based learning platforms drive personalisation and development

How AI-based learning platforms drive personalisation and development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is so ingrained into our daily lives now that we rarely notice when it’s giving us a nudge in the right direction. When you’re texting a friend, you’ll receive suggestions on finishing your sentences, and if you’re browsing through streaming services, there’ll be recommendations based on your