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Tag: Learning Technology

What if nobody uses our LMS or LXP? Answered in 5 minutes!

It’s a common concern, and rightly so! If your learning platform doesn’t connect with people and they just don’t want to use it, everything else is essentially academic. It’s part of a wider problem we call The Engagement Gap, the concept that without engagement, L&D can’t help people solve problems,

The 7 best Thrive LXP alternatives

The 7 best Thrive LXP alternatives

Not sure if you’ll thrive by moving to Thrive? Hesitant if this is the LXP you really need? Whether you’re looking for a new learning platform or you’re just assessing your options, this is the guide that helps you work out the best fit for your business! What’s the deal

The 7 best Absorb LMS alternatives

Obviously, you’ve not been fully absorbed by Absorb! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! Whether you’ve already tried out their learning management system and you’re ready for a change or you’re on the fence and wouldn’t mind peeking in a few other gardens before you hop off – this is the

How to move seamlessly between learning platforms

How to move seamlessly between learning platforms

Ever heard of the saying ‘when you fail to plan, you plan to fail’? Some phrases sound good and that’s it, but there’s a lot of truth to this one. And no more so than when you’re finally upgrading from an LMS to something better or moving learning platforms.  A

Alternatives to Cornerstone LMS

The 7 best Cornerstone alternatives

Nobody puts Cornerstone in the corner! Wait, that’s not completely right. If you’re here, then you might be ready to review alternatives to that particular LMS, or you’re looking at it, and it’s not quite convincing you. We’ll talk you through some pros and cons to the platform, before doing