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Tag: Learning Content

L&D Disrupt is launching this November!

The learning and development space is constantly transforming, but are you evolving with it? We’re incredibly excited to be re-launching our podcast this month, and we’re more passionate than ever about speaking to the people who are reshaping L&D within their organisations right now. L&D Disrupt helps you hurdle your

Compliance training + e-learning = happy employees and employers

We were all so busy moving our learning content online and making it an engaging experience that somebody forgot to tell compliance training! Well, not exactly, but there is a lingering, ironic air that the one mandatory type of learning is something to be dreaded.  The one-size-fits-all content and typically

Online course and learning content 2020

What is learning content? A 2020 analysis of how we got here

In the simplest terms, learning content describes resources used to develop the skills and knowledge that enable people to perform their roles better. But a better question might be, what was learning content and how has it evolved over the past five to ten years? If you’re not interested in

Creating learning content that engages learners

What makes good learning content? 8 tips for success

It’s pretty easy to argue that learning is only as good as its content. It determines whether people buy into it or not, which can affect pretty much everything in their learning experience.  Think about the times that you sat through seemingly endless slides or a full day of presentations,

What does an engaging learning experience look like

9 tips for creating engaging learning experiences

Are you worried that you’re delivering bad learning experiences? You’re probably not alone. If you search for ‘good learning experience’ and then swap out ‘good’ for ‘bad’, you’ll soon realise that people are interested in creating something that works but nobody asks or writes about the bad side. That leads