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Tag: Learning and Development

How to fuel a culture of remote learning and development

How to fuel a culture of remote learning and development

  Working from home isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. For every person that’s ramping up the productivity levels without distractions, there’s someone struggling without working face-to-face.  Don’t get us wrong, everybody loves snoozing their alarm an extra time instead of dashing for a packed train, and having more freedom around

What should workplace learning look like today?

Webinar recording: What Should Workplace Learning Look Like Today?

Work’s changed, it’s about time workplace learning did too! The fastest learner wins in uncertain times and fast-changing markets, but workplace learning technologies just haven’t kept up or enabled a continuous learning culture. Well, this webinar recording will talk you through the principles needed to build a fastest learner wins

Building a learning brand people buy into

Building a learning brand people buy into | A step-by-step guide

  You’re standing in a supermarket with a shelf of similar-looking soft drinks in front of you, you can’t base your decision on taste, so you go by the best packaging. The branding acts as a shortcut to decision-making. That’s where most people think a brand’s influence ends, and they’re

Learn why a learning budget is better in an employee's hands

Why employees should control their learning and development budgets

  Spending more on learning doesn’t necessarily mean more learning will happen. There, we said it! In 2020, 57% of L&D professionals planned to spend more on online learning, with self-directed learning and engagement priorities for 35% of those people. But what happens when the budget goes up without asking

LACE Whitepaper Cover

The Future of HR Shared Services | Whitepaper summary

Is HR Shared Services simply a behind the scenes function? Supporting the administrative side of things and focusing on the ‘hygiene factors’ of HR? Well, that’s the perception LACE Partners set out to challenge when they interviewed 25 global HR Shared Service directors from leading Private Sector and Financial Services