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Tag: Learning and Development

Should L&D control spend or give people learning budgets

Should L&D control spend or give people learning budgets?

Learning and development teams can be pretty protective over the purse strings. And you can’t really blame them! When times get tough, it’s often one of the first things on the budget chopping block. In Gartner’s 2021 HR Budget and Staffing Survey, 25% of HR leaders said they would cut

design thinking

Podcast | Design Thinking and L&D with Sarah Stevenson

A phrase we always hear getting thrown around in the L&D space is ‘putting the learner first’, but how many people proactively design a strategy to meet employees’ needs, rather than just the needs of the business? 🤔 In the latest L&D Disrupt drop we’re joined by someone who is

applying marketing to L&D

Podcast | Applying Marketing to L&D with Hannah Waddams

Picture this – you’ve spent weeks crafting an unforgettable learning experience, finally engaging employees in an exciting way and making a real difference to the L&D strategy within your company. The day arrives. You launch it, you wait, you wait some more… and nothing happens. You were sure this would