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Tag: Learning and Development

Learn why a learning budget is better in an employee's hands

Why employees should control their learning and development budgets

Spending more on learning doesn’t necessarily mean more learning will happen. There, we said it! In 2020, 57% of L&D professionals planned to spend more on online learning, with self-directed learning and engagement priorities for 35% of those people. But what happens when the budget goes up without asking people

The Future of HR Shared Services

The Future of HR Shared Services | Whitepaper summary

Is HR Shared Services simply a behind the scenes function? Supporting the administrative side of things and focusing on the ‘hygiene factors’ of HR? Well, that’s the perception LACE Partners set out to challenge when they interviewed 25 global HR Shared Service directors from leading Private Sector and Financial Services

HowNow is the intelligent learning platform your HR tech stack needs

5 ways HowNow helps you learn in the flow of work

How much do you get done in just 1% of your average working week? Probably not that much, right? Maybe a bit of prep work or catching up on a few emails, but nothing major. Well, research shows the average person slows down to learn for less than 25 minutes

Is the LMS a sinking ship? and is the learning platform a lifeboat

Is the LMS a sinking ship? And are learning platforms the lifeboat?

“Compliance might save you from a lawsuit, but it won’t save you from disruption”. Is this the idea that’s caused a crisis of confidence in the traditional learning management system? That’s how our CEO and Co-Founder Nelson Sivalingam described the situation when he joined Rita Trehan on the Daring To

Upgrading L&D for the 21st century

How to upgrade L&D for the 21st Century

“Most traditional learning and development solutions involve taking you out of your workflow, to some clunky L&D platform that pushes learning onto you and… learning becomes a chore.”  Pretty strong introduction, right? Well, that’s how Nasos Papadopoulos opened his episode of the MetaLearn podcast with our CEO and Co-Founder Nelson