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Tag: Leadership

Why the new mentor and mentee relationship should be a two-way street

Why the mentor mentee relationship has to be a two-way street

  Imagine you’re stuck in a lift with a bunch of geniuses. Maybe Microsoft magnate Bill Gates is leaning against one wall, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is by the other and in between are the world’s best scientists, lawyers and authors. Once the nerves wear off you’re ready to start

Podcast | Building A Learning Mindset - Toby Newman

Podcast | Building A Learning Mindset – Toby Newman

Why do so many organisations find it so difficult to establish and build their desired mindset? In Toby Newman’s opinion, they’ve not broken it down into relevant terms for their people or teams and they’re not always putting in the hours. If you’ve ever wondered how you can democratise learning,

Learn why a learning budget is better in an employee's hands

Why employees should control their learning and development budgets

  Spending more on learning doesn’t necessarily mean more learning will happen. There, we said it! In 2020, 57% of L&D professionals planned to spend more on online learning, with self-directed learning and engagement priorities for 35% of those people. But what happens when the budget goes up without asking

5 HR trends to look out for in 2021 min scaled

5 HR trends you need to know for 2021

Let’s spare a thought for everyone who wrote 2020 predictions about HR, L&D and anything else really. Very few people could have predicted the disruption that the COVID pandemic would have caused, and now its influence is set to continue into next year. The 2021 HR trends we expect to

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Learning from the lessons of customer success experts

You can’t really travel the road to customer success without encountering failure somewhere along the way, or at least a few challenging diversions. But those blips in the journey help you prepare a better route next time. What if you could take a quick shortcut in the form of advice