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HowNow is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified

We’re now ISO 9001 and 27001 certified

We’ve gone from isolation to iso-elation, because we’re excited to announce that HowNow is both ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. The short version is that we’ve been certified for meeting the best practices and internationally recognised standards for information security and quality management systems. If you’re already a HowNow customer,

Microsoft Teams

There’s no I in Teams, but you will spot our H

That’s right, Microsoft Teams is the latest platform to receive the HowNow integration treatment! The small and mighty ‘h’ you’ll see beneath the message bar lets you share and capture knowledge without ever leaving Teams. Here’s how:  Create Nuggets in Teams The Teams daily user number jumped to 44 million

Zoom integrates with HowNow to manage your live classes and webinars in our platform.

Zoom-in? Marvellous! We now integrate with Zoom

It’s the app that introduced us to lockdown virtual quizzes and phrases like “you’re on mute”, and now it’s the one that integrates with HowNow to make managing your live classes and webinars a piece of cake.  Add Zoom links to your event invites We wanted to ease your Zoom

HowNow integrates with Slack to help you learn in the flow of work

Integrate with Slack and never look back

Slack is where work happens, so you shouldn’t have to leave it to find, share and save knowledge! What normally happens when someone sends you a handy Slack message that you know you’re going to need later? Are you a make a note and hope you’ll find it again kind

Laptops on desk of people onboarding

Life as a HowNow user: what’s onboarding really like?

When you sign up with HowNow, get ready for a wave of enthusiasm! We want you and your people to start benefiting from our features from day one, and we’re not afraid to show it.  But exactly how quickly can you connect employees with the resources they need to develop