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Tag: Employee Onboarding

How to fuel a culture of remote learning and development

How to fuel a culture of remote learning and development

Working from home isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. For every person that’s ramping up the productivity levels without distractions, there’s someone struggling without working face-to-face.  Don’t get us wrong, everybody loves snoozing their alarm an extra time instead of dashing for a packed train, and having more freedom around how

Welcome new employee with a killer onboarding course

Webinar Recording | Creating A Killer Onboarding Course

Killer onboarding is like saying nice to meet you and actually meaning it! It’s how you make a newbie feel welcome, give them the tools to get them up to speed faster and connect them with the right people. But you’ve got to give it that personal touch and make

Finally an onboarding checklist that gives you everything you need fast.

Your ‘gets to the point’ employee onboarding checklist

A lot of checklists feel longer than the onboarding process itself, breaking down each day and week into great detail. The thing is, you’ve got people to onboard and that makes your time precious, so you don’t need us dragging this out with onboarding definitions, benefits and all that jazz.

Are you onboarding remote employees in the right way?

Is your remote onboarding process going to be smooth and enjoyable or a lonely and difficult experience? It might sound extreme, but you do really have a choice! The word itself has two connotations, one good and one bad. If a travel agent told you an island was remote, you’d

How to improve your employee reboarding experience

Reboarding your employees: 7 tips to improve their experience

There are two ways to look at reboarding your employees: this could be a pain in the backside, or this is an opportunity to re-engage your staff and change how you work for the better. Disclaimer, there’s no guarantee that option two won’t be painful at times, but it’ll certainly

Onboarding new employee tips

Employee onboarding tips from customer success experts

Successful onboarding is a lot like cooking from a recipe, you’ve got the list of ingredients but how much of each you use, the cooking time and presentation depends on your culinary goals. Let’s leave the kitchen and get back to the office. What we’re saying is that there’s so