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Tag: Employee Development

Compliance training + e-learning = happy employees and employers

We were all so busy moving our learning content online and making it an engaging experience that somebody forgot to tell compliance training! Well, not exactly, but there is a lingering, ironic air that the one mandatory type of learning is something to be dreaded.  The one-size-fits-all content and typically

A guide to your learning needs analysis

How to conduct a learning needs analysis: a step-by-step guide

At the heart of the learning needs analysis is a pretty straightforward concept, understanding which skills need to be developed to get your company and people closer to your goals.  It’s an assessment of the skills needed to perform current or upcoming roles better, and the tools for understanding the

5 ways online learning can encourage a culture of growth

Encouraging a growth mindset is one of the quickest and easiest ways for a business to get more from their employees without changing all that much. When employees feel responsible for their growth and understand that they can change and improve at work, the whole dynamic shifts. From a relationship